The Sony Vaio TZ range of laptops

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I have just bought a sony Vaio TZ11 laptop and have fallin in love with it.
I was a bit skeptical about buying it at first because of the price but do not regret spending that much at all.
Overall i paid £1050 for my laptop which IS a lot of money considering its only got a 100GB hard drive and 2G Ram. But with the sony tz range your paying for the size and weight really. Mainly made of carbon Fibre this laptop only weighs  1.13kg!!!  thats as light as a feather (well almost) .  It also has  a display of only 11.1 inches, plus the screen is litterally about 6 mm thick.  This really is the perfect laptop for taking anywhere and travelling with.
As well as being so small and light it still has all the up to date, top of the range gadgets such as a fingerprint reader and built in web cam and mic!
With Sony products you always pay more but i think your paying for the quality!

If your looking for a new age ultra-portable laptop and your willing to spend the money then i fully recommend the sony TZ range.
A Definate 10 out of 10

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