The Star System Is There To Work For You

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How long do you wait for an item to be delivered before its starts to become annoying or worrying ?

I think Ebay should bring in a code of practice to address this issue

If you pay with Paypal then the seller should be given no longer than 2 or at a push 3 working days to despatch your item (i myself dispatch within 24hrs)

If you pay with a Cheque then the seller should post in the same time scale once cleared but also not drag there heels at banking the cheque either so if you post a cheque on a monday morning you would expect it to clear a week later at the most and have your items dispatched by the following Wed


How many times have you bought an item using either method and the item still takes weeks to arrive ?

What can you do about it you ask yourself  ?

The answer is very simple

Check out the sellers history because the star system is the best idea Ebay ever had it lets you leave without fear of a negitive if a seller has taken to long or sells rubbish items

CHECK OUT the stars if a persons has an empty Fifth star or worse then leave them be dont buy from them and just maybe they will have to buck there ideas up a bit

If we all stick togther on this then we can make those stars shine for us all

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