The Strange and Charming Loco Effect!

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This is an interesting phenomena - and something of a bonus, although it may seem like a mixed blessing at first.  In a small but significant minority of all our castings, (around 5%),  clients report that the spell we have cast for them has 'gone into reverse'.  For a short while, their luck actually seems to worsen...

They quarrel with their newfound love, lose when they should win, or they receive an unexpected bill.  This is what we have come to term 'The Loco Effect', (after the eccentricities of old locomotive trains).  It seems for all the world as if everything has gone into reverse, and they are left worse off than before.

If you have ever seen an old steam engine start off, the wheels spin crazily backwards for a while, before they literally 'get a grip' and the engine lurches forwards with a jolt.  This is the best description of what is actually happening within the heart of a spell that is creating the complex vortices of 'the Loco Effect' around itself. 

The spell is simply struggling to get a foothold into someone's very complicated life. 

Just like a butterfly getting ready to emerge from its chrysalis, the new spell has to have a firm anchoring point.  Only after it has established a platform of safety and stability can it emerge and unfurl itself within the client's personal world/reality.

In order to create the sacred inner space needed for this complicated action to take place, decks have to be cleared,  timelines unravelled, and all manner of things re-arranged into a new and different way of being.  Significant people, places and things can get introduced or replaced.  When The Loco Effect is in full spate, this level of upheaval isn't uncommon, but so often the client bewails that it's a sign of things going wrong.  In actual fact it's a sign that changes have to be made to enable things to go right!

Luckily for anyone experiencing the temporary effect of The Loco Effect, when the spell actually does kick in, it invariably does so with amazing results.  Results that outclass most effective castings!

So, watch out for 'The Loco Effect' and count your blessings if it happens to you - it's a sure sign that when change does come, it will be everything you wanted - and more!



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