The Swastika a Symbol or a motivating force for bad?

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The Swastika.  A symbol that draws immediate emotional attention. Question, is it the Symbol, or, is it what  the Symbol was used to represent, that fires the emotional detonator?

This Symbol has been around for many, many years – in fact, research has shown that it seems to have first been used in  India in Neolithic times.

This very Symbol has an ancient history in Europe.  It can be seen on European pre-Christian cultures.  Many artefacts antiquated artefacts, have this image clearly to be seen on them

So extensive was it's use, that this Symbol ran apparent through the cultures of Indo-Aryans; Persians; Hittites; Celts' ; & the Greeks,   It was a sacred Symbol, thus elevated above others  by being so.  

As a Sacred Symbol the swastika can be found in both Hinduism & Buddhism, also in Jainism, (Traditionally known as  Jain Dharma, one of the oldest religions in the world), & Mithraisim.  These Religions  alone have over a  billion believers & followers throughout the World.  

The symbol was introduced by Hindu kings to South-east Asia, and is still, to this day, very much an integral part of Balinese Hinduism, being a common sight in Indonesia, & to bring it a little closer to home, It was also adopted independently by several Native American cultures.

The Symbol of the swastika  had a revival in the Western World followed archaeological work in the late 19th century by one Heinrich Schliemann who discovered the symbol in no less a site than that of ancient Troy.  Schliemann, himself has a somewhat chequered history, but the artefacts found stand for themselves.

Similar forms & shapes were recorded found on ancient pottery in Germany, thus causing him to theorize the Symbol to be “ A significant religious Symbol of our remote ancestors”  -  forming a somewhat shaky link twixt the Germanic, Indo-Iranian & Greek cultures.

By the early 20th century, it was widely used worldwide and regarded as a symbol of good luck and success.
 It can be found incorporated into National Savings Badges & the like produced in & worn in the UK.  Also, a photograph exists, showing the aviator Matilde Moisant  wearing a swastika medallion in 1912 , the symbol of the swastika being popular as a good luck charm with early aviators, to the extent that  a swastika was painted on the inside of the Nose of ' The Spirit Of St Louis'

The above quick over-flight (please excuse the Pun), of a line in History is to show that the swastika is, in both historical and contemporary society. a ubiquitous Symbol, that has always been, & still is, around.

So back to the question at the start: -  Well, if it's the Symbol, then it must be said, it's all around us if you look, representing a host of things up to & including intricate Rug Weaving Patterns. 
If it's what it represented, specifically during another be darkened period of time, in recent  human history, or indeed, what it is being used to represent right now, in our day, then it must be asked, will we, by ostracising that Symbol, from so many Symbols (Runes),  be attributing power to it?

In effect, be giving 'by default,' recognition, to the Radical Groups that use it, and indeed, other 'acceptable' ? Symbols as a rallying point, recognition?  Recognition such Groups would be very pleased to accept?  

 Its people that attribute power – for good or bad – to Symbols.  Merriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus states: 'Symbol' - 'An act, sound, or object having cultural significance and the capacity to excite or objectify a response '    

If one has fear or loathing for a Symbol, by acting upon such emotion, will it not be doing just that?

Symbols can do nothing, the people that use this, specific Symbol, & other Symbols ancient or modern, are responsible for the actions that took, or take place.  It would be more understandable for someone to fear, loath,  hate, ostracise them, and their actions, which they are responsible for, than to direct exclusion action against  the Symbol which is is nothing.

Let it be what it is, just a Symbol, one of so very many that can be derived from and owe their form to the Symbol called the Sun Wheel, and it's variations, now that's that's another interesting Rune to be looked into.. see my other Guide on that symbol for further matters of thought..

I state clearly that I have no Polital views whatsoever, & absolutely no liking for or affiliation to past or present radical regimes, mankind can & will continue to make a complete mess of things without any support from me.

This will, I have no doubts, attract attention from  all sides, for and against, but in all of that, I would welcome  any constructive remarks and or comments on the subject of this Symbol and it's visibility,  be they in support of  it's continued ostracising from E-Bay lists, or  those that feel it is a Symbol, one of many, and would like E-Bay to re-focus their attitude to the question of it's display. 

 If you have found this to be interesting and or helpful, please spare the time to give it a vote that will enable it to be visible to more users etc who may well enjoy it to.  Thank you for your interest Perhaps you will find my other Review on the Sun Wheel of interest ?  Please take a look some time,  All the very best to you and yours,  Steve (checkinin-2007)

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