The Swastika and varients - Sunwheel relationship

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The sun cross /sun wheel is as it sounds a cross that is inside a circle. It's beginnings go way back so as to make it one of the oldest and prolific of symbols.

The sun cross /sun wheel at it's most proper commonly represents as can be expected the Sun and the four quadrants - four season cycles of the year

Astronomy, has a similar - Astronomic Symbol used to represent the Earth whilst the Sun symbol being the dot in the centre.

The sun wheel sun cross though is not a modern symbol is indeed an ancient symbol with roots in ancient Indo-European cultures.

In the Pyrenees crossed circles scratched on stones have been found and recovered from within cave sites dating from the Palaeolithic period add to that the crossing avenues of standing stones that extend from a circle to be found at a famous Megalithic site in Scotland the use of this symbol was truly far flung

In it's way it has been described as being as evident and wide used as the yin-yang symbol of the Eastern World.

That being the case as a natural result this symbol is used by and appears in traditional symbology of very many cultures and countries World Wide and has a prominance in .Old Norse and Celtic cultures.

Many symbolic forms can be seen to have been born from this symbol, providing similar rounded variants producing forms such as the Celtic Cross and indeed the Swastika.

The swastika, and rounded variants are actually sun wheel forms In Nazi Germany the Waffen SS the SA in fact The Nazi Party as a whole used Sun Cross / Sun Wheel symbology.

Now in part due to the banning of Nazi imagery in various Countries Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists today call upon the use of the Sun Wheel / Sun Cross and many of it's variants to circumvent the bans.

These groups know that because of the World Wide usage of this Sun Wheel Sun Cross symbology and imagery in so many cultures there usage will go unhindered being less intrusive but no less a rallying point.

Because of this right thinking people will know it is vital that no assumptions are made that a sun wheel image necessarily denotes racism or white supremacy in effect make a misrepresentation

The way to get the correct representation one should analyse the symbol in the context in which it is used and applied.

Now I submit the thought that if the same proceedure were applied to the Swastika variant ie analyse the reasons behind it's display and or procurement,, would be a more logical approach.

Otherwise ostracising the swastika symbol  image cart blanc leads with  fareness to the removal of the other variants etc that have been and are currently being used by radical  separatist  hate type groups and are all over the E-Bay relative pages.

I state clearly that I have no Political views whatsoever, & absolutely no liking for or affiliation to past or present radical regimes, mankind can & will continue to make a complete mess of things without any support from me.

This will, I have no doubts, attract attention from all sides, for and against, but in all of that I would welcome any constructive remarks and or comments on the subject of this or any other Symbols  visibility be they in support of continued ostracising from E-Bay lists, or those that feel it is a Symbol, one of many, and would like E-Bay to re-focus their attitude to the question of it's display.

After all remember the Modern symbols that are a rallying point for these Groups are displayed and traded for every day on the 'Bay.

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Thank you for your interest.   All the very best to you and yours,  Steve (checkinin-2007)
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