The TGA VITA Mobility Scooter Guide

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Hi, I purchased a Tga Vita a month ago and thought I would give my opinion on it for anyone who was thinking of buying one.

First, let me say that I have been using mobility scooters for a number of years now and have bought both new and used.

I have been waiting for someone to design a modern looking scooter that is far away from the usual "Box on wheels" designs that we have had to endure for years now. The Vita seemed to be the scooter I had been looking for. Very modern styling, nice wheels , comfortable seat, speedometer, clock and a resetable trip meter. Perfect I thought.

I bought one new, fitted with 75 amp batteries, I estimated that it would do around 30 miles between charges. The specifications state 20 miles when fitted with 50 amp batteries, so I assumed that 75 amp would give me between 25 to 30 miles depending on terrain.

After a few charges over the month, I decided to take it on a longish run to see how the batteries lasted. I picked a long level route and set off. the first thing I noticed was the speedometer was showing 10.5 mph. Due to past experience, I reckoned that I was travelling at around 7 to 8 mph.

After 2 miles the batteries had dropped one bar, after 4 miles two bars had gone. 9 miles and the batteries were showing half empty. 11.5 miles on the trip meter and the batteries were showing 2 bars left. At this showing, the manual advises recharge . Ending my circular journey upon reaching home, the meter was showing 13.5 miles and a constant beep beep and flashing light was warning me to recharge. Contacting the shop , the batteries were replaced with another new set of 75 amp batteries. The results were no better . It now awaits collection by TGA for investigation.

Now the other problems ......

The steering set up is very akward, in that you cannot get a comfortable position for your hands, resulting in aching wrists after 10 minutes riding.

Mudguards look very racy but are completely useless . The front ones throwing water and dirt straight back down the sides of the scooter. The rear ones complete the job by doing the same to the rear. If you really enjoy cleaning your scooter, then this one is perfect, needing cleaning every time you go on a damp road. Also front wheels throw a constant supply of grit onto your foot panel. The mudguards are not adjustable.

The very stylish " motorbike style " rear suspension smooths out the lumps and bumps very well , but on corners , makes the scooter feel that the back end doesn't belong to you. A Very Weird feeling.

At night, when riding with lights on, If you stop at traffic lights or junction for more than 30 seconds, the lights dim. This , the manual explains is a power saving idea that is built in. I consider this unsafe, as this is the last place that you want dim lights. Making you less noticable to traffic from the rear at night could prove disasterous.

When riding on a quiet day, you will cerainly notice the motor. It whines non stop. Very annoying . Rattles from the rear complete the job.

The seat is comfortable, but the arms refuse to fold back far enough, making getting on and off akward... Again, not enough adjustment.

If, after reading this, you are tempted to still buy one, then I urge you to take it on a long test run and think about my comments.. My test run was about 100 yards in a busy pedestrian filled market .. None of the above faults showed.

All in all, a very modern looking scooter that would appeal to anyone looking for something new, but I'm afraid, it has been built purely for it's sporty look, and apparantly not for the mobility side of things.

Why don't the designers get a disabled person to test drive their ideas before production ??

Happy, and above all .... Safe Scootering !!!

This guide to be finished when the scooter returns from TGA ..........  Thank You.

UPDATE ......

The Scooter never returned from TGA. No explanation was given by the shop or by TGA. I was offered a TGA Sporster 3 wheeler instead and accepted the offer. If you really fancy the Vita, then please take it on a decent test run and make your own mind up. It's certainly an eye pleaser but sadly not the scooter for me..... I have since spoken to people who own a Vita, some were quite happy, some not......

Take care and safe journeys !!







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