The Three Defensive Combos You Must Know

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Boxing Combinations

You hear the clang of the bell and you move out of your corner towards your opponent. Peering through your guard you inch closer to striking range as you reach the center of the ring.

Your muscles are tense and you're ready to strike like a snake at the first sign of an opening. You're intent on finding the opportunity to start the six punch combination you've been working on in the gym over the last few weeks.

Finally your mind registers a weakness in your opponent's defense and before you can think about it your jab fires out triggering the start of your combination.

Defensive Combo

Your jab strikes out with blistering speed but you're not even thinking about it anymore - you've already moved onto punch two in the combination - the straight right.

Your weight begins to shift and then....whack... you get smoked up side the head with your opponent's right as it crossed over your jab. Before you can figure out what's going on....whack....your head is snapped to your left as your opponent lands a left hook....whack....a straight right sends you reeling backwards.

Wait a second weren't you the one with the initiative. Weren't you the aggressor - the attacker - in control of the fight?
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