The Tree Climbers Companion Book 2nd Second Edition

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Tree work is America's most dangerous profession. If you are just entering this profession, this is a MUST read. If you are already working in the trees, you'll get a lot of new ideas and tricks to keep you alive while aloft. Jeff Jepson is a working arborist. He knows his stuff inside out. The illustrator, Brian Kotwica, is also a working arborist. He knows what is important to illustrate, with little fluff to distract you when you try to figure out what is being shown to you.

I hate to say this, but there is very little out there in how-to information with this profession, especially written material. This little book is used world wide. You can get it in Spanish too. This is a simple book, one you can take out into the field with you. Read it many times. It can make your work much easier and most importantly, can make you much safer. In this profession as a climbing tree worker, it only takes one small error in judgement or technique to destroy or end your life. Take the time to learn your craft and never crank your saw until everything is rigged correctly and everyone below is ready for you to make the cut. A cut branch falling from height can easily injure or kill those below, not to mention wreck houses. Learn how to rig and ALWAYS think it through before you make a cut.

This book will take out a lot of guess work as far as technique and safety is concerned. Sure, trial and error can serve you with some of life's challenges, but not tree work. Buy this book!

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