The Trunet Group Butchers Sundries

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All you need to know about the Trunet Group as a Company

Why Choose Butchers-Sundries?

We are a BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited Supplier on eBay. We pay the money to have the UK's top accreditation’s (BRC) because we care. We ensure that all of our products are only made from the highest quality ingredients available and are all stored to comply with the UK's food storage regulations from BRC. Can other suppliers guarantee you this standard of food safety? Can they provide a certificate of compliance that we can below? BRC is your guarantee too food safety. Please ensure you buy from a supplier who can show you this.

We trade from Industrial certified premises, Not from a domestic home. We are proud members of the Butchers Q guild the national federation of meat traders and also INSCA the national sausage casing association.

We are also part of the world's largest casing's company DAT-Schaub. We even have our own casing inspection room to test the quality of each batch of casings that come in.

Why choose our ingredients?

At Butchers-Sundries we only use the finest ingredients in any of our natural glazes, seasonings and coatings. Most of our blends are blended for us at our group blending plant giving you the most fresh, tasty and high quality product available.

Our fresh blends are made daily to ensure the best flavours and are packed in a food grade 5 layer oxygen permeable vacuum pouch. This not only keep our ingredients fresher for longer but ensures no contaminants and 100% protection from damage during transit unlike other cheap alternatives on the market.

What If I need help or advice?

You can simply phone us on 0845 519 5767 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday or email our eBay page where we answer questions all hours around the clock and over the weekends! . We have a team of highly skilled customer services advisers and even ex butchers here to give you the correct and best advice!
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