The Truth About Fruit Machine Emptiers / Tricks & Cheat

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I am aiming this guide at people who dont know a huge amount about fruit machines, but have seen certain items on ebay which claim to be able to offer the information that will turn huge profits from Fruit Machines.

I have worked on / played fruit machines for 10 years. I know.

Lets keep this breif and Sweet


The information on ebay is ALL outdated and very basic, most of the information you might find on ebay (typically the cheaper ebooks) meerly offer very very basic information on Fruit Machine basics (such as how to use holds/nudges!) why pay for such information?

The more expensive information (i.e. the stuff that costs £1.99 instead of 99p, he he he) usally consist of what are referd to as "Fruit Machine Emptiers" or MTR'S if you use message boards - they are ways of manipulating an error in the Fruit Machines Programing to result in a higher than 100% payout percentage. BUT these errors are very quickly found out by fruit machine manufacturers and the Fruit Machine become "Re chipped" and the Emptiers no longer work - This means that for an Emptier to be usefull you typically need to get your hands on it within a fortnight! Most of the Fruit Machine Emptiers on ebay are 2 - 4 YEARS old! And You Guessed It! None of them work!

What about those Devices - You know the ones!

I will say only this! FORGET IT! None of them work, they are scam made up by a con man whose desighns for these phoney devices have been replicated along with his tall tales on how they work, and sold on by others.

So in conclusion!

If you are completly new to fruit machines, then I wouldent discourage you to spending 99p on a guide on ebay, but prepare yourself for the fact that the info will be outdated and most of the machines it will describe will not have graced your local arcade in almost a decade!

REAL fruit machine info does exist - But is very valuable, and only traded amoungst the "Inner Circle" whom whould never put it up for sale on ebaY - as its worth far more to them in the Arcades, Bingo Halls, Service Stations etc.

I Hope this Guide Has Been Helpfull To You!

Thanks for your Time!



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