The Truth about Automated Ebook Stores with 50 ebooks

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In 2006,  I created and launched onto eBay what has become a phenominally successful product.

An Automated Ebook Store, written in php and preinstalled with 50 ebooks. and 70 ebooks.

Basically, this was a complete , readymade turnkey website, preloaded with products and included a checkout and totally automated ecommerce backend. In a nutshell...a complete, instant business!

I have sold hundreds of these Ebook Stores on eBay and on my own websites and many Ebook Store owners have made a lot of money from running them and have enjoyed a lucrative business.

By the end of 2006, many fellow eBay sellers asked me if they could resell the Ebook Stores. I declined and first, but figured that, since I also ran a web hosting business, allowing other sellers that referred web hosting custom to me would be a good idea.

Of course...I did lay down FOUR ground rules. I stipulated that resellers must refer web hosting customers to me, give me credit on their listings as the creator and that the Ebook Store and  should NOT be sold for any LESS than £29.99 (buy it now price). The fourth rule was that sellers could NOT offer resell rights to their customers....i.e. their customers could NOT resell the Ebook Store.

Sadly, allowing reselling was to be the biggest mistake of my eBay career.

In no time at all, sellers were dropping the prices and offering resell rights, claiming the stores as their own work and not caring.

Now eBay is flooded with Ebook Stores,.... everyone is selling it...ALL unauthorized sellers...

..and the biggest kick in the teeth is the fact that some Ebook Stores are going as cheap as £1.99 (buy it now price)

Funnily enough, these sellers sell SINGLE ebooks in their Shops for a HIGHER price than the Ebook Store.

I don't mind sellers doing 99p start auctions....I do the same... but £1.99 or less buy it now is idiocy!

It just goes to show how CLUELESS these WANNABEE sellers are in regards to pricing a product.

They think "sell cheap, sell loads."  Er.... bad business!  (twats)

I quickly has to release a new improved version of the Ebook Store, called  Download Shop which is exclusive to me, but it is difficult to market a product when pirates are selling Ebook Stores for £1.99.

OK, so £1.99 may sound like a bargain, but you would be buying an illegal pirated product.

Also, you WONT get help and support from these illegal sellers as they wouldn't know how to give you support as most of them don't know php and website codes.

You have been warned.




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