The Truth about Free Sky on you PC

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Alot of Ebayers have been conned into buying "Free Sky on you PC", why is this a con?  because it is not possible I myself have researched into this and cannot find any evidence to suggest this is possible only facts stating it is not.

If you are considering buying Satellite TV on your PC shop around ask alot of questions.  For example is it a piece of software or just a notepad document full of dead links.  I have talked to alot of ebayers who have spent from 99p to 20.00 for what they believe to be Free TV Software but turned out to be a ebook full of links to websites (who also ask for money) and dead links.  What some sellers forget is that these links need to be updated as they can easily die.

Myself and partner sell Satellite TV on your PC Software which we developed from the ground upwards and update regulary.  I am not using this as an advert for my product but as a guide for ebayers and many have told me that they have paid high prices for out of date ebooks when promised software.

You can tell that an ebook such as the Free TV on you PC is being sold by so many ebayers, you can tell this by the way that their auction is layed out, alot of them are identical.

Always look at the small print,  the auctions tend to start off offering Free TV Software but when you scroll down to the bottom of the listing the small print states its just an ebook.

Their offering free football viewing, can they back this up? ask them

Always check feedback,  they may have excellent feedback rating but have you ever sat and read through it.  Most ebayers do not want to receive negative feedback so sometimes even tho we are not entirely happy with the product we leave positive.  But sometimes the positive feedback actually states their dislike to the product for example you get what you pay for.

My advice is find a few sellers who are selling Free TV Software ask what they can offer that no one else can and why theirs is the best.  Dont rush into buying it do the research and dont end up like other ebayers who have been conned into buying something that is not what it says.

Before buying anything off ebay always make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing, ask as many questions as you want untill you are totally satisfied that you are purchasing what is being advertised in the listing and not some out of date ebook that has been doing the round for months.






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