The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Juicer on eBay

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Juicer on eBay

Buy a juicer on eBay to find the correct product for culinary and nutritional needs. A juicer is a kitchen appliance that separates juices of fruits and vegetables from its pulp. The item extracts nutrition from the produce to make it easier for the body to digest than when the food is whole. Research types of juicers and options available on eBay, compile the information, and choose the best one available on the Website.

Choose Which Type of Juicer to Buy on eBay

A search of juicers on eBay brings up many types. Narrow the search by determining which kind to get. Common types are Reamer, Centrifugal Juicer, and Masticating Juicer The types differ in quantity of juice extractable from specific quantity of food, price, amount of physical effort each one requires, and type of produce each kind is able to juice. The table below lists the three types, along with the advantages and disadvantages.





A Reamer, often called a Citrus Reamer on eBay, is electric or manual. Cut a citrus in half and then press or grind onto stationary juicer to extract juice. Reamers are often cheaper than Centrifugal and Masticating Juicers, especially in manual form. Disadvantages of this type, however, are that it is limited to citrus fruits and that the manual version requires physical effort.


A Centrifugal Juicer uses a flat blade to cut up fruits and vegetables. Once cut, the product spins them at a high speed to separate the juice and extract the pulp. Centrifugal Juicers are usually more expensive than Reamers. With Centrifugal type, juice is also more vulnerable to oxidation than Reamer, due to the fast motor. Oxidation lowers the expiry date of the liquid. Advantages of Centrifugal is that it can process more types of produce than a Reamer and yield higher quantities of liquid as well. There is also not the physical effort a manual Reamer requires.


A Masticating Juicer uses an auger or roller to cut the produce into smaller portions before squeezing out the juice and separating it from the pulp. Masticating Juicers are more expensive than Centrifugal versions, but they can handle larger quantities of produce than Centrifugal. The Masticating type is also able to process wheatgrass, which Centrifugal and Reamer versions cannot do. In addition, the Masticating type works at slower speeds than Centrifugal, which lowers amount of oxidation to the juice.

If intention for the appliance is to juice large amounts of produce to yield large quantities of liquid, a Centrifugal or Masticating Juicer is a more appropriate purchase than a Reamer. Centrifugal and Masticating Juicers are able to process more types of fruits and vegetables than Reamers as well. If price point is the primary concern at time of purchase, the Citrus Reamer is generally the most appropriate budget option. A Masticating Juicer is usually the most expensive kind. Besides choosing an inexpensive juicer, save money by choosing a product with free shipping on eBay. A Free Postage alert displays beside item to which it refers right on the search page. Another way to save money on eBay is by selecting a local Seller. Read the Postage section of the product page to find location details. Choose a local seller to reduce shipping costs. If both parties live close together and mutually agree they can even arrange for an in-person pickup.

Choose Options on eBay for a Juicer

After selecting type of juicer on eBay, the next step is determining necessary options for the small appliance. Determine whether the best juicer will be manual or electric, and if it should be metal or plastic. Further options for selection include whether the item is new or used.

Choose a Manual or Electric Juicer

Juicers are either manual or electric. The following table lists advantages and disadvantages of each type; both options are available at eBay.




A manual juicer is eco-friendly, as it does not use electricity. It is also usually cheaper to buy than an electric version. A disadvantage of manual option is that physical strength is necessary to press the produce. In addition, the extraction process is often slower than using an electric model as there is no motor.


An electric juicer is able to produce larger amounts of liquid than manual option. While it does run on power, unlike a manual juicer, its process is very hygienic. The mechanical parts work to extract the juice extracts with almost no hand contact. Juice produced by manual versions, however, are susceptible to germs from bare hands pressing the produce.

A good search term to use on eBay to find an electric juicer is electric juicer reamer. To find the manual option on the website, type phrases such as manual Juicer Reamer and Juicer Reamer.

Determine Which Juicer to Buy: Metal or Plastic

Another part of the buying decision is whether to choose a plastic or metal juicer. The table below lists advantages and disadvantages of plastic and metal parts.




A plastic juicer is generally cheaper to buy than metal version. As well, the plastic one is more portable than metal as it is a lighter material. Plastic parts, however, are harder to clean than metal as the food stains absorb into the material.


A metal juicer has a more stable frame than a plastic one and does not crack or chip. In addition, the metal version usually squeezes more juice from produce than a plastic one. The metal juicer, however, is generally more expensive than the plastic option.

Select the material type that fits within price range. If the intention for the juicer is to serve a large family, metal may be better choice than plastic as it yields higher quantities of pulp-free liquid. A metal product is easier to clean than plastic as well. On the other hand, a plastic juicer is easier to transport and is cheaper to buy than a metal one. A common metal finish for the appliance exterior is stainless steel, which has a classic look. Plastic juicers are often black, white, and cream in colour.

Choose New or Used Condition for Juicer

Another option in the decision-making process is whether to buy a new or used juicer; both options are widely available at eBay. The table that follows explains the pros and cons of buying each kind.




A new appliance is free of damage. Another advantage of buying new is that there is no previous owner.


Used juicers are usually cheaper than new ones. With used, however, there may be damages to the exterior or interior of product as explained in the eBay product description.

Read the description of a juicer of interest to determine if there is damage. If there are questions about quality of used product, contact Seller by clicking his or her user name on right-hand side of product page. Ways to contact Seller include phone and email. While at the Seller profile page, examine feedback of the authorised Seller from previous Buyers. Read Buyer comments and their average ratings for the seller based on criteria such as Item as described and Communication.

Select Brand of Juicer on eBay

There are several brands of juicers to buy on eBay. To see the full list of brands available, type brand juicer into search box at the top of the Website homepage. Select a brand of interest from the list on the left-hand side of the page. Narrow the search further by Finish and Condition of item.

How to Search for a Juicer on eBay

Aside from looking for a specific brand, there are other ways to search eBay for juicers. At the homepage, choose the All Categories option. Next, select Home & Garden, and then the top choice of Furniture & Living. From the drop-down menu, select Cooking, Dining & Bar. Click the Small Appliances option and then, under the Categories title, choose Juicers. Modify search results by clicking options at the left side of the page, such as Condition, Brand, and Finish.


Finding the right juicer is an important decision. The small appliance offers the opportunity to consume more fruits and vegetables than may be eaten otherwise. Choose the right type of juicer to buy based on factors such as price and the quantity and type of produce to juice. Options to consider for juicers are whether to buy manual or electric, metal or plastic, and whether to buy a new or used condition appliance. Use eBay to find a variety of choices for high-quality juicers.

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