The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Womens Designer Suit

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Women's Designer Suit

Having gone through many permutations since its origins in the early 1900s, the women’s designer suit today encompasses a range of silhouettes and styles that can work with any woman in any setting. From the bold and trendy to the classic and conservative, the women’s designer suit is a diverse tool that can help a woman excel at work or just feel extra polished and stylish on an evening out. Women’s designer suits can be found at a range of retailers including traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers. However, online auction sites, such as eBay offer what many consider to be comprehensive collections of designer suits for women.

A woman’s designer suit consists of a jacket and either a skirt or pants. An understanding about the types of jackets as well as the skirts and pants can be helpful to a woman as she embarks on purchasing a suit. This guide discusses the details of the modern designer suit, including its various silhouettes, the right way to find a suit for each body type, and also details some purchasing tips for finding and buying a great suit.

Types of Women’s Designer Suits

Women’s suits come in two types, namely, the skirted suit and the pants suit. The style and cut of a jacket can also vary widely from suit to suit, giving each a distinct look. The following sections walk readers through the various styles of jackets, skirts, and pants in women’s designer suits.

Different Jacket Types in Women’s Designer Suits

The jacket of a suit can be the difference between a flattering, feminine look and a cool and classic ensemble. Touches such as sleeve length and lapel width, as well as the length of the overall jacket can completely transform a suit.

Sleeve Length and Lapels on Women’s Designer Suits

The vast majority of women’s designer suits feature a full-length sleeve, however, there are a few variations that can appear now and then. Summer suits may feature a bloused, short sleeve, while fall and spring suits may feature a three-quarter length sleeve.

Lapels on women’s designer suits can vary from the thin and streamlined to the curvilinear and feminine. The lapel is also one of the main ways in which a suit exudes either a trendier or a more classic look. Women in search of a designer suit should pay special mind to the lapel when making a selection.

Different Jacket Silhouettes on Women’s Designer Suits

Silhouettes on a women’s designer suit can range from the loose and flowing to the highly tailored. The following are the main types of jacket silhouettes that can be found in designer suits.

Traditional Jacket

A traditional women’s suit jacket features a longer length and ends in a squared-off hem. This type of jacket mimics the classic lines of a men’s suit jacket and can have a lapel very similar to a men’s jacket.

Fitted Jacket

A fitted jacket can follow the length and finish of a traditional jacket, but has a tucked-in and tailored look along the torso. Fitted jackets are often seen with thinner lapels.

Cropped Jacket

The cropped jacket ends at the hips or above and features a fitted silhouette. This type of jacket often has more curvilinear and feminine shapes in the hem and lapel.

Different Skirt Types in Women’s Designer Suits

The skirt is a distinctively feminine piece in a suit ensemble that provides women with a wide range of options that can accent either style or comfort. The following are some of the most popular skirt elements in a woman’s designer suit.

The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a fitted skirt that usually falls to at least the knee and sometimes as low as mid-calf. This slenderising skirt is a mainstay of many women’s wardrobes and tends to work well with a variety of body types. Depending on the jacket pairing, the pencil skirt can work in any office environment; in a conservative office, it should be paired with a looser-fitting suit jacket.

The A-Line Skirt

The A-line skirt falls in a triangular silhouette from the waist, creating the outline of the letter "A". A-Line skirts can be wider and looser or follow a more tailored trajectory. The A-line can run in length anywhere from the knee to mid-calf and gives women a less body-conscious way to wear a professional suit skirt. The A-line skirt is most appropriate for a conservative office, but can work in a trendy setting if paired with a short, cropped jacket.

The Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt can feature just a few pleats at the front or the back or a series of pleats that run around the entire circumference of the skirt. This type of skirt looks best on slender body types, as it can add bulk to heavier frames. The pleated skirt is ideal for conservative business environments.

The Mini Skirt

Some women’s designer suits feature a mini skirt silhouette. These skirts are fitted like pencil skirts but end well above the knee or even at mid-thigh. These leg-revealing skirts should be leveraged cautiously in a business environment, since they can appear risque in an office environment.

Different Pant Types in Women’s Designer Suits

The pants suits of today are diverse pieces that can embody either a sleek and hard-edged look or a more casual and flowing sense of style. The following are the more ubiquitous type of pants included in a woman’s designer suit.

The Classic Trouser Cut

A classic trouser cut in a women’s designer suit follows a loose and at times billowy line. Trouser cut pants can feature pleated or non-pleated fronts. They are more comfortable than many suit pant options and can flatter a wide array of body types. They are a good fit for every office from the conservative to the hip and edgy.

The Flare Cut

A flare cut pair of pants on a women’s designer suit follow a fitted line until the bottom of the pant leg, where they flare out into a wider line. These types of pants create a very styled look and would not be the best choice in a conservative office environment.

The Slim Cut

Slim cut pants follow a fitted silhouette all the way from the hips to the ankles. Some varieties of summer suits feature a slim cut pant with a cropped leg that ends at the mid-calf but, for the most part, these pants end at the ankle or at a high-water, just above the ankle. These are particularly trendy looking pants and would be appropriate for more progressive offices.

The Wide Leg Cut

The wide leg pant follows a similar trajectory to the classic trouser cut, but leverages a much wider and more dramatic leg. These comfortable pants would overwhelm a petite frame, but are otherwise good for most body types. Wide leg pants in a suit can work in a range of office environments, depending on the jacket pairing.

Matching a Women’s Designer Suit to the Body Type

When shopping for a designer suit, it is important for a woman to consider her body type. Specific cuts and silhouettes can be much more flattering to particular builds. The following chart elucidates some of the best suit options and pieces for the various female body types.

Body Type

Do Wear...

Don’t Wear...


Slim-fitting skirt or straight-cut pants and tailored suit jacket

Full or pleated skirts that can add volume; Boxy jackets that make a woman look wider

Athletic or Slim

Suit jackets with a fitted, cropped waist; pencil skirts that end at the knee to enhance curve

Straight suit jacket or straight-leg pants


Fitted pieces; skirts that end at the knee or a few centimetre above

Oversized or boxy pieces; wide-leg pants


Single-button jacket with button sitting above the tummy; A-line skirt or wide-leg pant

Three-button suit jacket; straight-leg pants

By carefully considering the suit pieces that best flatter her figure, a woman can create a polished and professional look that exudes her true self. Anything from a trendy skirted suit to a classic pants look can work as long as a woman seeks out the right cut and silhouette.

Accessorising a Women’s Designer Suit

Accessories with a designer suit in general should be tasteful and minimal. Women can make judgement calls based on their particular work environment, but it is typical for a skirted suit to be worn with hose or tights of some sort. In very conservative offices, the hosiery worn should be without pattern or texture, and should preferably be nude. Shoes do not need to tend towards the practical, since high heels are an acceptable fashion in most work environments, but they should eschew excessive detailing and decorations.

Buying a Designer Women’s Suit on eBay

While a limited selection of suits might be found in local shops, an online auction site such as eBay is by and large a great resource for women in search of a designer women’s suit. The site offers a large array of both new and slightly used selections, giving buyers a way to peruse multiple listings, look through many different cuts and fits and even find a suit for less than designer prices.

Searching for a Women’s Designer Suit on eBay

To begin a search for a women’s designer suit on eBay, you can start off by entering a general search term such as "women’s suit". This can give you an idea of the overall selection available on the site. This search will bring up related search suggestions courtesy of eBay which can further narrow or refine the purchasing process. If you have a particular cut or style in mind, you can use a specific search term such as "fitted women’s suit".

When shopping on eBay, it is important for buyers to vet their sellers. You can do this by looking through their past auctions and reviewing the feedback they have received from other customers.


Finding and purchasing a women’s designer suit is a great way for a woman to get an edge in the office and make the right impression. With the wide array of styles in the market, any woman of any body type can find a suit style and cut that flatters her. Suits styles include skirted suits with pencil skirts, classic trouser-style suits, and skirted suits with an A-line silhouette. By simply taking a few important tips into consideration and accessorising tastefully, a woman can find a women’s designer suit that can really give her a professional look. With the extensive resources of eBay at their fingertips, women can access a comprehensive catalogue of designer suits that cannot be found in offline stores. With its many search features and multiple listings, the website streamlines the buying process and helps women find the ideal designer suits that can help them project confidence at work.

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