The Ultimate Guide to Finding Industrial Woodworking Items

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Industrial Woodworking Items

Although the days are gone when it was necessary for the majority of people to have an understanding of carpentry and woodworking, there is still a thriving manufacturing industry in many parts of the world. Today, industrial woodworking is done on a much larger scale than ever before and therefore requires specialty industrial woodworking equipment that is much more sophisticated than a hammer and nails. These types of tools range from large industrial saws to small but important accessories like clamps. Beyond mechanical equipment, there is also safety equipment to consider and purchase.

In order to find the most appropriate industrial woodworking items for any situation, it is most important to know where to look. Luckily, many types of equipment, tools, and woodworking accessories are available from specialty industrial supply retailers and online from eBay. Armed with the knowledge of where and how to go about looking for industrial woodworking equipment, anyone should be able to find the right tools to get the job done.

Types of Woodworking Machines

An industrial woodworking shop is certainly not something that can be set up overnight. Rather, there are many different types of machines that may be necessary, depending on the projects being done. Industrial woodworking machines are much different from those tools that are found in the average person's garage as they are designed to handle much bigger projects and heavier wear.


While there are many different tools that are essential for industrial woodworking, perhaps none is more important than the saw. Of course, anyone looking for an industrial woodworking saw is likely to be struck by the many different types of saws that are available. Consider the following table for the most common types of industrial woodworking saws.

Type of Saw


Used For

Mitre Saw

A spinning, circular saw blade used to crosscut, especially for soft woods

Framing, moulding

Band Saw

A continuous band of metal teeth used for cutting wood, metal, and other materials

Most useful for irregular and curved shapes

Radial Arm Saw

A circular saw that is mounted on a sliding horizontal arm

Used for cutting shapes for joints

Table Saw

A circular saw blade that protrudes through the surface of a table

Used for making very long cuts

The type of saw required depends largely on the type of project being completed. A fully-equipped industrial woodworking shop usually has each of these types of saws at the ready.


In many projects, once the wood is in the proper shape and size, it needs to be sanded down to a smoothed down. For industrial projects, this is not feasible to do this by hand, which means an additional woodworking machine. Industrial sanders can be very useful tools for large projects. An industrial sander may be a belt sander, disc sander, drum sander, or floor sander. Drum sanders in particular are useful for woodworking projects since they can easily smooth large swaths of wood efficiently. To find the best industrial sander, first determine what type is most useful for a specific project, which makes it much easier to narrow down the available choices, on eBay or elsewhere.


Unlike the other machines mentioned that are largely used to cut wood into multiple pieces, planers are actually used to shape wood while it remains in one piece. A planer chips away at the surface of a large piece of wood in order to make it smoother or to taper it to certain specifications. Planers may be completely manual, electrical but handheld, or even large machines. The right type of planer for any shop depends on how much it is used as well as the products that are being made.

Industrial Woodworking Machine Accessories

Although industrial woodworking machines do a large percentage of the work when it comes to cutting down wood from its original state into something more manageable, not all of the machines are immediately versatile. Rather, having the appropriate accessories that can fit onto the machines improves the capabilities of those machines. These accessories may be wood clamps, measuring tools, or dust collectors.


Depending on the woodworking machine being used, a supplementary clamp may be necessary in order to hold the wood in place. Clamps are also useful when working with handheld woodworking tools since they can hold wood steady while the carpenter or craftsperson is working. C clamps, bar clamps, and toggle clamps are all useful components for a woodshop to have in stock.

Digital Measuring Tools

Industrial woodworking machines can make many woodworking tasks easier by automating certain processes. However, these machines still rely heavily on human guidance. In some instances, this can lead to less precision on more waste, both in terms of time and in terms of wood. In order to minimise these problems, digital measuring tools exist that assist machine operators in making measurements and maximising efficiency. For example, programmable stops automate the gauging process for mechanical saws, which means faster and more accurate work.

Dust Collectors

There are actually many reasons that working in an industrial woodworking facility can be quite dangerous, not the least of which involves coming into close contact with very sharp saw blades and other dangerous machinery.

But while caution should certainly be exercised around saws, it is important to remember that wood dust also poses a great threat. Inhaling the wood dust that is produced in these environments can lead to respiratory illnesses, which is why properly fitted dust collectors are so important in industrial woodworking. These may be fitted onto a machine itself or may act in concert with a room's ventilation system. In fact, it is generally recommended that both types of dust collectors are used in any facility.

Industrial Woodworking Safety Gear

Aside from making sure that machinery is fitted with the proper dust collection systems, it is also a good idea to keep woodworking machine operators protected from the hazards that can be present in industrial woodworking. In order to do this, protective gear, such as ear protection and dust mask, should be worn at all times when around these types of processes.

Ear Protectors

Being exposed to the loud noises that industrial machinery produces can lead to permanent hearing damage if workers' ears are not properly protected. This is why it is a good idea for anyone working in an industrial woodworking facility to wear ear protection.

Both ear plugs that fit into the ear canal and ear muffs that sit over the entire ear and muffle outside sounds can protect workers from potential harm. Ear protection items can be found in many different places including home improvement retail stores, music shops where they are sold to musicians, and online from eBay.


Although dust collectors are certainly important, they still do not offer full protection from the amount of sawdust that can be produced by industrial woodworking equipment. This is why many machine operators choose to wear protective dust masks as an added layer of protection. These fit over the nose and mouth and prevent workers from inhaling large amounts of sawdust.

How to Buy Industrial Woodworking Items on eBay

Even if eBay is not the first place you would think to look for industrial woodworking equipment, the fact is that there is a wide array of tools, machines, and equipment available. In order to find the right industrial woodworking equipment to suit your needs, start by using the search box, located on every page of the site. If you know exactly what type of equipment or tools you need, enter a specific search, such as "industrial lathe". If you do not know exactly what you need, you can be more general in your search and enter something like "woodworking tools".

One important consideration when looking for this type of equipment on eBay is that industrial woodworking items can be extremely heavy. For you as a shopper, that can mean difficult shipping across long distances. For this reason, it may be a good idea to use the geographical filter to find equipment that is located near to you and see if you can arrange a pick up. Many sellers are happy to do this, provided you send them a message prior to making your purchase in order to discuss your plan.


Anyone who is engaged in industrial woodworking knows how important the right equipment is when it comes to getting the job done. Whether some piece of woodworking machinery has become badly damaged and needs replacement parts or whether a shop is expanding its services and wants to add more tools to its business, these specialty items can be difficult to find. However, being able to shop for these tools online makes it much easier to seek out exactly the right products to suit unique needs.

Because there is a wide variety of industrial woodworking items on the market, it is best to first decide what types of equipment are necessary. From there, search online or use local retailers as resources to find the best saws, accessories, and safety gear. With diligent research and the right information, it is possible to easily equip a more efficient and more profitable industrial woodworking facility.

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