The Ultimate Keyring Buying Guide

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The Ultimate Keyring Buying Guide

Keyrings are one of those items that everyone has and there are literally thousands of variations that exist. They come in all shapes and sizes, and often serve a purpose that is above and beyond simply something to attach keys to.

The following buying guide will explain the different types of keyrings on the market, the purpose each one serves, and how to buy one safely and securely using eBay.

Choosing the Right Keyrings

Keyrings, or key chains, are an extremely important part of life and at the same time one that many people take for granted as something that will just be there.

A keyring holds some of the most valuable assets that you have in life and choosing the right one is a process that not many go through.

Many keyrings are simple in their nature and just do the job of holding a set of keys and nothing else. Other ones are far more complex and there are some that can do all manner of different tasks.

With so many on the market these days there is quite literally one for everyone and the next section looks at the different keyring types available and who they are most appropriate for.

Secure Keyrings

The main function of a keyring is to make sure the keys attached to them are safe.

Caretakers, security personnel and anyone that has to look after large numbers of keys for their profession will need to have one that can take a lot of wear and tear.

Various secure keyrings are introduced in the table below along with a description:




  • Heavy-duty metal loops that are primarily used to secure climbing harnesses but are increasingly used as secure keyrings.
  • Very sturdy so that keys will not fall from them if clipped on correctly.
  • Extremely affordable.

Metal Chain

  • Keys are attached to a ring at the end of a chain so they are able to be easily stored in a pocket.
  • Easily accessed in an emergency.
  • An affordable item.

Recoil Retractable

  • Ring attached to the end of a cable holds the keys.
  • Can be pulled out when the keys are needed.
  • Smaller and doesn’t get in the way as much as other options

Specialised Security Key Ring

  • Made of either heavy-duty plastic or metal.
  • Can be clipped onto a belt and is guaranteed to stay fastened.

Practical Keyrings

Keyrings can now be obtained to perform a large number of daily tasks and as such a set of keys is now more akin to a swiss army knife than anything else. The table below outlines some of the more popular keyrings available with a short description alongside.



Bottle Opener

A handy way to open anything that may have been transported.


Can be invaluable if you become stranded.

Laser Pen

A small light to help in the dark and able to point stuff out well.

Locker/Trolley Token

  • Round keyring designed to take the place of a coin and be used in a locker or trolley.
  • Usually come branded.

Nail Clippers

If away on an expedition this can be very useful.

Small Torch

  • Small light that will be useful when unlocking a car in the dark.
  • Most are powered by LED.

USB Flash Drive

Can be used to store documents that need to be moved between different locations.

Personalised Keyrings

At one time or another everyone will have owned a keyring that features a picture of a loved one. Most personalised keyrings aren’t designed to carry keys and as such most are for show.

There are many variations when it comes to custom keyrings and the table below explains them in some more detail:




  • Transparent plastic that can fit a small photo inside.
  • Can be ordered with a photo inside or customised by the buyer.


  • Various different beads are put on a piece of material and tied at both ends with a ring at one.
  • Mainly just for show and not designed to hold anything.
  • Usually personalised so that a person’s name is part of the beads.

Car and Vintage Car Keyrings

Serious collectors of keyrings will mostly be on the look out for vintage keyrings that will have had a number of users in the past.

Vintage car keyrings are among the most sought-after keyrings that can be bought and if being purchased there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account.

Authenticity is chief among these when it comes to vintage car keyrings and enthusiasts will be able to spot the real thing straight away. Vintage car keyring novices may not be as lucky and checking everything is right before bidding is essential. It’s here that research can really pay off.

Luxury Keyrings

  • For some time fashion retailers have created expensive luxury keyrings that match new ranges.
  • Keyrings are regularly designed to look similar to the latest line of handbags and are very popular among female customers.
  • eBay is an excellent place to find the keyrings as a standalone item and they can be a lot more affordable than anywhere else.
  • As always beware the item that is being purchased has not been counterfeited and check the seller’s credentials with similar items before making a bid. Luxury keyrings can be expensive and therefore the extra caution is well worth it.

How to Buy a Keyring from eBay

There are hundreds of thousands of keyrings for sale on eBay and with so many people selling them it makes for a very knowledgeable marketplace. When searching for them on eBay you’ll find every different kind of keyring that has ever been created and there’ll be a group of sellers that is only happy to help with the purchasing process.

To search for Keyrings on eBay, first click on the Collectables category. From there you just scroll down to the Keyrings option and click on it. That will take the buyer straight to the next page where an extensive list of Keyrings will be on screen.

There aren’t a huge amount of options when it comes to narrowing things down. One option that is available to buyers is to search for keyrings according to their Condition. Buyers can search using the following parameters: New, Used or Not Specified. Apart from that you can return results that just include eBay Top-rated Sellers or set the Location the buyer is selling from.

In order to find the Keyring you are looking for it would be a lot easier to use eBay’s extensive search feature. Buyers can do this by typing search terms into the box that is located at the head of every eBay page.

Information provided earlier in the guide will help buyer’s to search for individual keyrings a lot more easily.

If at any time you’re unsure about item details, don’t hesitate to Ask the Seller a question to find out more. There is even a Buying Tips section that will provide even more help if required.

Once ready to Buy, place a Bid, click the Buy it Now button or place your Best Offer. Using PayPal will make sure the transaction is secure and goes through as smoothly as possible.

Safety Considerations When Buying

Buying some types of keyrings means taking caution over whether an item is authentic or not. This in itself makes the item description an important thing to check over thoroughly and anything else that isn’t listed should be put to the seller in the form of an Ask the Seller submission.

When looking at items on eBay remember to check the seller’s transaction history carefully and scrutinise any negative feedback that has been left. If at any time you become unsure of the seller involved ask them any questions that you feel are necessary.

Every eBay seller has feedback and if there isn’t any available then it should prompt the buyer to inspect the item details even further.

Before placing a final bid go through the conditions of sale a few times and check that everything is in order.


When it comes to deciding on a keyring it’s mainly down to the preference of the person that will be using it most. Someone else can choose the category and nature of the keyring but the final decision rests with the person that will be using it on a daily basis to keep their keys safe.

As explained throughout this guide, there is a wealth of alternatives when it comes to keyrings; ranging from sports, memorabilia, personal and luxury keyrings to name a few. Before making that decision there are a couple of factors to consider, which are:

How secure do the keys need to be that are on the end of the keyring?

Is any level of personalization required?

Neither answer should limit the buyer as at the end of the day it’s down to you, the seller, to make the final decision.

Once ready to pay for an item, remember to use PayPal to complete the transaction so as to make sure everything goes through smoothly.

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