The Ultimate Push Up Bra Buying Guide

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The Ultimate Push Up Bra Buying Guide

Push up bras can be found in many women’s drawers. They are lingerie that raise the breasts and make them look larger and fuller. The uplifting effect is thanks to the underwires that are built into the lower part of the bra cups. The first push up bras were worn by curvaceous housewives in the late 1940s and early 1950s after the bras were made famous by icons as Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. The feminist movement of the following decades thrust the push up bra into the background, but it returned in the 1990s when attitudes to female sensuality changed. The most renowned push up bra to appear in the shops was the Wonderbra.

Today, there are many cleavage enhancing bras available. Women can choose from an array of materials and degrees of padding, either from high street lingerie shops or online auction sites, such as eBay.

Main Features of the Push Up Bra

The push up bra makes breasts look larger and fuller and creates an appealing cleavage. With the support of underwire and padding, the breasts are pushed closer together to create the look. Often, push up bras have hooks in the front to make them easier to put on. Push up bras can have several shoulder straps for different outfits. The choice of materials is also wide, to match any style preferences.


The padding is what makes the breasts look larger, as it adds extra volume to them and offers support. The padding used in push up bras includes gel pads, graduated foam, and special lining. Liquid pads are considered to look more natural because they mimic the movement of real breast tissue. The padding can be sewn into the bra or it can be removable. Sometimes, integrated padding is combined with removable padding to create extra volume.

Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps of push up bras are usually adjustable in order to ensure the perfect fit for the wearer. These straps have adjusters that can move up and down to change the length. Push up bras that provide back support also have straps that criss-cross the back. They are primarily used by women who play sports actively. The shoulder straps can be angled into the shoulder blades to form a V at the back and prevent slipping.

Convertible push up bras have straps that can be removed and strapless push up bras have no straps at all. Bras without straps are usually necessary when they are worn with garments that reveal a lot of the shoulders and back, and the straps would ruin the look. Straps occasionally come with gel-cushioning and these straps are very light on the shoulders. They provide long-lasting comfort because they relieve any pressure and prevent the straps from digging into the shoulders. Another feature of the shoulder straps is their stretchability. Stretchy straps increase the level of comfort when the wearer is moving, while non-stretch straps offer rigidity, vital for better support, especially for large cup sizes.


Push up bras made of basic cotton are soft and breathe well, but they do not look as sexy as silk, lace, or satin. However, cotton is good for everyday push up bras as it can endure repeated washing. Push up bras made of microfibre are moisture wicking and suitable for women who play sport. Luxurious bras are often made of mesh, but mesh may not offer enough support unless it is mixed with other fabrics. The choice of material largely depends on the wearer. One woman may find mesh irritable to the skin, whereas another may not even notice any effects.

Finding the Right Size for a Push Up Bra

Many women wear the wrong size of bra and this can cause discomfort, as well as not offering the best level of support. As bras are worn for many hours at a time, it is essential that a favoured push up bra fits correctly. The first stage is to take some measurements. The right bra size is made up of two measurements: the band and the cup.

Measuring the band

First, women should measure just under the bust and around the rib cage. The tape measure should be held close to the body, but not too tight. This value helps to give the band size for the bra.

In order to find the right bra size using the table below, women should first find their band in inches and then match it with the corresponding bra size.

Band (inches)

Bra Size





















So, a band that measures 38 inches corresponds to the bra size 38. Odd numbers are always rounded up to the nearest even number. For example, if the band measures 41 inches, then the bra size is 42.

Measuring the Cup

The next measurement to consider is the cup size. Two women with the same size of rib cage, and therefore the same band size, could still have different breast sizes and therefore require different cups. The cup measurement is taken around the fullest part of the bust while wearing a supportive bra. In order to find the cup size, the band measurement should be subtracted from the bust measurement. The result determines the cup size as shown in the following chart.













Cup Size












Women who have small busts should aim for very accurate measurements because even half an inch of difference may result in a different cup size and determine whether the bra is comfortable or not. So, after all the measurements have been taken, the size that women should look out for when shopping consists of the bra size number and the cup letter, for example, 34B.

Bra Sizes Beyond the UK

The measurements presented in the tables are for the UK. Sizing may vary in other countries. For example, the bra sizes in the United States are similar to the UK, but European band sizes are different. However, translating the measurements that you have into European band sizes is easy. The European numbers used, such as 70 and 75, are the exactly the same as the band measurement, but in centimetres and not inches. For example, if a woman measures under her bust and get around 74 cm, then her European size is 75. Most UK cup sizes correspond to the EU cup sizes.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Bra measurements should be taken at least once a year, or when the body weight fluctuates more than 10 per cent. The weight change could be the result of exercise, a new diet, pregnancy, or hormonal changes, such as menopause or puberty. Whatever the reason, it is best to re-measure the body each time when shopping for a new push up bra.

Another thing to bear in mind, while shopping for a push bra, is its firmness. The best bras fit around the body firmly in order to offer better support. Only two fingers should fit under the band. Also, the back of the bra should be lower than the front or level with it, never higher.

Buying Push Up Bras From eBay

When looking for a push up bra on eBay, you can start by typing "push up bra" into the search box on the main page. That will give you hundreds of results that can be narrowed down by sorting the list by the auction time or price. You can also use more specific terms if you have a good idea of which kind of push up bra you want. For example, your query could be worded as "lace push up bra" or "black push up bra".

As it is vital that the bra fits you perfectly, you should contact the seller before the purchase to discuss exchanges and refunds in case the bra does not fit, or is otherwise unsuitable. You may also contact the seller if you have any questions about the bra that are not answered in the item description.


Today, push up bras are a vital asset to any woman’s wardrobe because they uplift the breasts and create a fuller figure. The most famous push up bra is the Wonderbra, but there are many other brands and styles around. Push up bras can be made from a variety of materials, from everyday cotton to luxurious silk, and they may have straps or be strapless.

When buying a bra, it is important to find the perfect fit in order to ensure maximum support and comfort. In order to do this, women need to measure their ribcage and bust and use the numbers to work out the right size. The size can then be matched with the item descriptions on eBay. As the bra can be tried on only after the purchase has been made, it is a good idea to contact the seller beforehand to find out about possible exchanges and refunds. After all, the bra should fit perfectly and fulfill its task by supporting the breasts and giving them a wonderful uplift.

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