The Unfair New Feedback System. Non Payers Bonanza!!

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Has anybody noticed that since the new feeback system came in where sellers can no longer give negative feedback the amount of non-payers you have had at your shop has gone through the roof?

I have an ebay store selling video games and in the last year I had experienced 2 non paying buyers. Not that bad out of 400+ trades and to be honest, something I could live with. Since the new system came in however there is absolutely no fear for buyers, knowing they can do as they please and only get a slap on the wrist. I have had 4 non-payers in the last month and I am constantly starting proceedures with ebay.

Buyers know that their feedback with not be affected if they change their mind and its a shame because it means that sellers no longer have a voice in the system. For all you know the buyer who is about to win your item might of not paid for the last one they bought just because they knew that other sellers couldnt find out. The only way I could think of warning people is to give them a positive feedback with a seriously negative message, yet sadly how many sellers read each feedback before allowing someone's bid to remain on your item? I just look at the number they have and if they have had any negatives. I certainly dont want them to profit from my loss...

The system has to change. Surely there is a way that ebay can change the rules that if a person deliberately dosen't pay THEN we can give negative feedback as they deserve it, and they can't give us negative in response as it certainly isnt the shop's fault.

I am willing to bet that the amount of non-payers is set to rise ove the next few months too as less regular buyers find out about the new system too.

Shame really as it defeats the object of what the feedback system is all about.

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