The Versatility of the Humble Lint Roller

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Most households have a lint roller in the drawer or cupboard. But it isn’t often appreciated just how versatile these rollers are. Here are a few of the places where you can use them:
* You don’t really need to be told this one but, just to clarify, lint rollers are ideal for removing pets hairs (and your own hair) from clothes. The super sticky paper quickly removes any hairs or other debris from your clothing that you often only see in daylight, which is inevitably when you’re rushing out of the door!
* Applying the lint roller to newly dried washing can be a useful discipline. Some item are prone to picking up fluff once they have come out of the wash, quickly run the lint roller over such clothing when dry but before folding. That way they will look like new before you want to wear them.
* It can be difficult to find the time to vacuum each day – and who wants to anyway? In between vacuuming why not run a lint roller over your carpet? It will easily and quickly pick up the bulk of fluff and dust, giving your carpet a nice appearance whilst it is waiting for the next vacuum session.
 * The lint roller is useful for picking up bits of dried mud left on the kitchen or hall floor after removing boots, trainers and wellies. Give the area a quick once over with the roller and you won’t have to deal with trodden in mud later!
* A lint roller is especially useful when you have dropped something that can be dangerous to pets and small children – such as glass or crockery. These can be notoriously difficult to clean up because of the tiny particles that you can’t see. The lint roller rolled over the floor area will pick up these small pieces quickly making the area safe again.
* Having a good clean out of your cupboards and drawers? The trick of tearing off some of the sticky paper and using it wrapped around your fingers to get into the edges and corners works wonders here… leaving your drawers brilliantly clean and ready for your nicely ordered items!
* In a similar fashion you can use sticky paper wrapped around a finger to clean the deepest recesses of your handbag and purse. After emptying out your bag, why not get it nice and clean before refilling?
* If you have a child who eats in a high chair, a lint roller is useful in clearing up the bits and pieces which wind up on the chair seat and on the surrounding floor.
* A lint roller is a useful addition to your car equipment. Once you’ve had various packages, shopping, a dirty push chair, walking shoes etc the floor of your car boot can start to look pretty grubby. A lint roller will soon get rid of this debris in the boot. The roller is also ideal for picking up dust and hairs from the seats and foot well areas. You can use the lint roller on the dashboard and glove box too. The ripped off strip of sticky paper trick will help you to clean those hard to access cubby holes.
When it comes to choosing the best product, Caraselle’s Lint Roller is the only one to have been awarded the Good Housekeeping Institute Approved logo. This indicates that it has passed rigorous consumer quality tests carried out by the GHI based on the product performance, ease of use and design.
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