The WW1 British Medal Letter Prefix

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During WW1, each regiment (and in some cases, the units in a regiment) issued its own numbers. Some of those regimental numbering schemes included letter prefixes. These can offer useful clues.
Although by no means extensive, here is a list of most of the common letter prefixes to british service numbers found on WW1 medals and paperwork, hopefully this guide will help fellow collectors and researchers alike.

A - KRRC (Early wartime recruits). 
A - RSF, Cameronians & AOC. 
B - 26/RF (City of London Bankers). 
B - KRRC, Rifle Brigade & Cameronians. 
C - KRRC (16th Battalion onwards). 
C - 1/R Munster Fus. (Garrison Bn.), Middx. Regt. & Rifle Brigade. 
CHT - Corps of Horse Transport - ASC. 
CMT - Corps of Motor Transport - ASC. 
D - Dragoons & Dragoon Guards. 
DG - Dragoon Guards. 
DM - Driver MT - ASC. 
E - 17/RF (Empire Battalion). 
F - 17 & 23/Middx. Regt. (Football Battalions). 
G - 1, 2 & 3/RIF (Garrison Battalions). 
G - Prefix found on various Home Counties regiments (Service Battalions). 
GS - See above. 
GS - Cavalry regiments (War service only). 
GS - General Service. 
H - Hussars. 
J - 38, 39 & 40/RF (Jewish Battalions). 
K - Royal Lancaster Regt. (The King's Own) & Cambridgeshire Regt. 
L - Lancers. 
L - Prefix found on various Home Counties regiments (Regulars). 
L - Regimental number prefix to some (but not all) 3rd Bn South Wales Borderers
L - London Division of the Royal field artillery (RFA) 
L - 3/SWB. 
M1 - MT Section - ASC. 
M2 - Electricians - ASC. 
MS - Mechanical Specials (trade) - ASC. 
MT - Mechanical Transport (trade) - ASC. 
N - RAMC. 
O - Rifle Brigade. 
P - Military Police. 
PLY - Royal Marines & Royal Marine Light Infantry - Plymouth Division
PLY or RMP - Royal Marine Police. - Plymouth
PO (or) RMP - Royal Marine Police.
PO - Royal Marines & Royal Marine Light Infantry - Portsmouth Division,
P - Dragoon Guards. 
PS - 18, 19, 20 & 21/RF and 16/Middx. Regt. (Public School Battalions). 
PW - 18, 19 & 26/Middx. Regt. (Public Works Battalions - later Labour Corps). 
R - Remount Section - ASC. 
R - KRRC (later recruits up to 16th Bn.), also Manchester Regiment. 
RX - Remount Section - ASC. 
S - Supply - ASC. 
S - Highland Regiments (wartime enlistments). 
S - Home counties regiments (3rd [Militia] Battalions). 
S - Rifle Brigade, Dorset Regt., R Munster Fus., AOC, RA & RAMC. 
SB - 10/RF (City of London Stockbrokers Battalion). 
SD - 11, 12 & 13/R Sussex Regt. (South Downs Battalions). 
SE - Army Veterinary Corps (Special Enlistment for duration). 
SPTS - 23 & 24/RF (Sportsmans' Battalions). 
SS - Supply Special (trade) - ASC 
STK - 10/RF (City of London Stockbrokers Battalion). 
T1, T2, T3 & T4 - Horse Transport - ASC. 
T - Army Ordnance Corps. 
T - Territorial Force. 
TF - Territorial Force. 
TR - Training Reserve - ASC. 
TS - Transport Specials (trade) - ASC. 
TSR - Transport Special Reserve - ASC. 
W - 13/Cheshire Regt. (Wirral). 
W - 38th (Welsh) Divn. Royal Artillery. 
WR - Royal Engineers (Waterways & Railways). 
Y - KRRC (early wartime enlistments). 
Z - Rifle Brigade.
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