The Who Ticket Buying Guide

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The Who Ticket Buying Guide

Ask a rock and roll fan to name his or her favourite rock and roll band of all time, and the answer almost invariably comes down to a few legends of the genre. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd top polls conducted by rock and roll publications as to the greatest band in the history of rock and roll. Any discerning rock and roll fan knows one band is missing from the list. Considered by many critics to be the most talented ensemble of rock and roll musicians to ever grace a stage, The Who continues to enthrall audiences with crisp and high-octane live performances.

The Who's 2013 tour proved the band still achieves iconic status. Tickets sold out within hours of every show, leaving many fans to scramble for ways to procure tickets. Who fans can buy tickets at venue box offices or go online and peruse the inventory of available seats. Of all the online ticket buying options, eBay offers more variety at reasonable prices. Before going on eBay, Who ticket buyers should learn some general concert ticket buying principles and follow a few ticket buying tips unique for seeing The Who live.

About The Who

The trio of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, and John Entwistle formed The Who in 1964 and the band played a few gigs with different drummers before settling on Keith Moon. Known early on for giving high-energy performances that often included members of the band smashing instruments on stage, The Who eventually received the title as the founder of the underground punk rock genre. The Who quickly rose to prominence during the late 1960s by producing classics, such as "My Generation" and Substitute". However, the band received universal critical acclaim with the release of two concept albums, "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia". "Who's Next", which is one of the best selling rock albums of all-time, still remains a staple in the music libraries of most classic rock radio stations.

With the death of drummer Moon in 1978, the Who's music began to take on a softer sound. Subsequent albums featured more straightforward Townshend compositions, and thus, the band's popularity slowly declined. The Who disbanded only to unite for large charity concerts, such as Live Aid. Entwistle's passing in 2002 led to a prolonged hiatus for the band until the release of new material in 2006. The Who has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has created 27 top 40 singles in the United Kingdom. Several rock and roll critics consider The Who to be the greatest band of all time.

Ticket Buying Options for Concerts

When The Who tours, the band plays in multiple countries in what the rock and roll industry defines as stage. While fans should consider ticket buying options that are unique for catching The Who, they must first consider the general options that apply to every rock and roll concert. Fans have several options for purchasing tickets to see The Who.

Radio Stations

One radio station per market typically sponsors the presales for the concert. The Who fans need to register on the station's website to become eligible to buy the limited amount of tickets given to the station for presale. For instance, a classic rock station announces a resale for 10 a.m. Saturday morning for the first 200 fans who register online. Radio stations also run concert promotions that involve providing Who tickets to contest winners.


Many concert venues have special clubs that allow the fans to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. This option is especially useful for Who fans, since the band consistently sells out concerts within the first few hours. The memberships can cost hundreds of pounds for the right to buy a limited number of presale tickets.

Season Tickets

Who fans who live in larger cities, such as London or Manchester, should consider buying venue season tickets. Buying season tickets for a venue ensures Who fans receive tickets for sold out shows. However, venue season ticket packages can run thousands of pounds and may not be worth the investment if a Who fan has little, or no, interest in most of the other concerts scheduled for a particular year. Yet, season ticket Who fans also enjoy comedy and theatre shows.

General Public Sale

The Who is one of the few bands that prompt fans to set up tent cities in preparation for general public ticket sales. Lines form early for the sale and often stretch for several city blocks. With that in mind, think about the virtual line of fans buying general public sale tickets online. Fans who try to buy Who tickets online most likely receive cyberspace's version of the telephone busy signal.

Ticket Brokers

Do not fret if The Who sell out tickets for a concert tour. Ticket brokers typically have a wide selection of concert tickets that they buy en masse. They employ trained staff to assist Who fans in finding the concert tickets that have the most appeal, without busting the budget. However, ticket brokers tack on service charges, some of which render Who tickets unaffordable.


Unlike the United States where 50 states pass 50 disparate laws, not to mention varied local ordinances, Great Britain has relatively uniform ticket tout laws. Because of incredibly high demand, ticket touts selling Who tickets can charge more than three times a ticket's face value. Only the most fanatical Who fans should consider touts as their last ticket purchase resort.

Tips for Buying Tickets to See The Who

Great Britain is a relatively small country that allows Who fans to consider purchasing tickets for a concert playing in a nearby city. Find out where The Who plans to tour in the United Kingdom and consider cities that host The Who in large venues that offer multiple seat options. Subscribe to the email lists of venues in other cities to receive Who concert tour announcements. The band typically announces dates well in advance of a tour. In addition, consider a few other tips for buying Who concert tickets.

The Who Fan Club

Like a few other bands, The Who conducts pre-sales for members of the fan club. The band sells a predetermined allotment of concert tickets per venue, which generally comprises about 10 per cent of all ticket sales. Joining The Who fan club does not guarantee procuring the best seat for a Who concert. Thousands of fans belong to this legendary band's fan club.

Band Lineup

Without Moon and Entwistle, Townshend and Daltrey can play with a wide variety of drummers and bassists. Most of the replacement musicians live in the U.K., which gives fans a better idea of the type of show they can expect. The Who does not tour much, and when the band does hit the road, fans can expect a different drummer and bassist than the ones employed on the previous tour.


The Who possesses one of the most expansive song inventories of any rock and roll band. Therefore, it is important for fans to verify the song lineup before they purchase tickets. Fans who want to hear "Won't Get Fooled Again" or "Magic Bus" may be disappointed during Who concerts that feature one of their concept albums, such as "Tommy". Like most bands, The Who rehearses the select group of songs to play on tour, although Townshend has been known to incorporate more obscure, yet popular, Who songs into gigs.


British rock concert venues vary among the country's cities. The Who can play at Wembley Stadium or at a more intimate venue in Liverpool. Smaller venues typically provide fans with better views of the band and a better acoustic experience. Research the design of any concert venue played by The Who. Nosebleed tickets may not be worth the price of admission and some venues may have interior structures that obstruct views of the stage.

Buying Who Tickets Online

Buying Who tickets online presents fans with three questions. First, is the credit card authorisation system secure? Second, are the tickets authentic? Third, does the online site sell tickets for premium seats? One online site provides yes answers to all three questions. Consider buying Who tickets on eBay, where sellers offer the widest and most affordable selection of Who tickets online. Fans who shop on eBay do not have to worry about obscured views that force them to watch the show on one of a stadium's televisions.

How to Buy Tickets to See The Who on eBay

eBay sellers offer Who tickets for a number of reasons. They may have a change in plans that force them to sell the tickets. Many eBay sellers offer Who tickets because someone in the group can no longer attend the show. In any case, you should be able to find affordable Who tickets on eBay and even find sellers who offer discounts due to short notice. Type "concert tickets" into eBay's search engine, and then vet the sellers who appear on the search results pages. To reduce the number of search results, type "The Who tickets" into the search engine.

Why stop at just buying Who tickets? You can find great deals on eBay for MP3 players and compact disc players. Play your favourite Who tunes on the road to the concert or at the concert venue before the show. You can also find Who concert and other types of T-shirts on eBay, with many sellers selling the shirts in their original packages. Check with any potential eBay seller to see if the seller offers Who tickets and memorabilia directly through an eBay Store. This is especially important for fans who want tickets on short notice.


Time is ticking on two of the founding members of The Who, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey. Both men have reached their golden years, which means fans have only a few years left to catch the band on tour. However, both Townshend and Daltrey put on power-packed shows that cover virtually every album the band has ever recorded. The Who's continued electric live performances, coupled with the ticking clock, means Who tickets are in very high demand. Fans have several options to purchase their tickets, with eBay representing the most convenient and affordable option.

Who fans can join the band's fan club or register with a radio station for ticket presales. They can also buy venue season tickets to ensure they receive seats to watch The Who live. Patient fans can stand in long lines for general ticket sales and desperate fans can resort to touts for their Who tickets. After a general sale, ticket brokers offer Who tickets online, although fans must address three issues that can taint their ticket purchases. Since Who tickets run much higher than rock concert ticket averages, fans should ensure that the band's lineup, song selection, and seat location all match their ticket buying criteria.

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