The Worlds Greatest Business - Direct Mail & Mail Order

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Congratulations! Just by reading this you could be taking the first
step towards what could be the most important journey of your
entire life. Not only have you decided to read up on potentially the most
interesting and uniquely profitable venture of all, you
have also chosen what is almost certainly the most durable,
most economically sound, most recessionproof business.

Mail order. And direct mail!

Both businesses have existed for decades, and have grown to
a point where mail order and direct mail are popular with
almost every single entrepreneur, even those operating from
high street premises or from large factory or office
complexes. Mail order and direct mail will make any
business more profitable, both expanding markets and making
actual and prospective customers far easier and less costly
to reach.

Mail order ranks consistently as the most enjoyable, least
risky, most likely route to riches for the ordinary
individual, even without experience or capital to invest in
the business. No doubt you’ve read the same promise time
and time again, and perhaps you are sceptical. After all,
doesn’t everyone know the highest profits go to people
taking the biggest risks? Doesn’t money always go to money:
the more you invest, the more you stand to gain? Isn’t that
the way real business works?

This guide will prove otherwise, showing how almost any
individual with a little spare time and more than a modicum
of determination can indeed earn a living in mail order
(and direct mail) whether working parttime or full-time and
without huge sums of capital to invest. This guide shows
how many of the world’s most successful mail order dealers
(please use that term to encompass direct mail unless
indicated to the contrary) began with one tiny classified
ad. costing just a few pounds and went on to pyramid their
profits into bigger and better marketing campaigns until
eventually they were operating multi-million pound
businesses - started on the proverbial shoestring!

It’s almost impossible to estimate how much is sold by mail
order or direct mail each year, given that a great deal of
business is conducted by firms whose main business falls
outside the traditional scope of mail order. Suffice to say
mail order and direct mail are very big, accounting for a
huge proportion of all purchases made in Britain, the
United States, and the rest of the world, year after year,
after year. Recently it was estimated that of 23 million
households in Britain, more than 19 million include
established mail order buyers. A very big market, and
growing all the time!

Far from the bustle and throng of shops with their queues,
busy streets, traffic jams, recessions and closing down
sales, there’s a group of traders for whom business
flourishes, though many will never see a customer, let
alone process a transaction face-to-face. All dealings are
carried out by post, with sometimes a telephone call being
made to supplement the deal, or to convey some message
between dealer and purchaser. This is mail order, widely
accepted as one of the easiest of businesses to start, and
certainly one of the few in which massive fortunes can
still be made.

Mail order is not an easy business, though for some it is a
quick route to riches. Fast profits go to those determined
to succeed, individuals who continually improve their
efforts, and who strive always to better the quality of
their service to customers.

Mail order proves attractive to customers for many reasons,
including that most things offered by mail are simply not
available from shops or other retail outlets. For some,
that sheer ease of buying by mail is sufficient to warrant
repeat and continued custom. No queuing; no parking
problems; no time wasted as you battle your way into town;
and no travelling or parking costs once you get there. And
as we have already said, all of this assumes that the
customer can find the goods concerned in the shops.

For many dedicated buyers by mail, the main reason for
allegiance is one of excitement such as only mail order
offers - once the order has been placed the customer sits
back to eagerly await delivery.

What do people buy by mail?

The answer is ‘practically anything!’ Anything that is,
which can be conveyed to customers from advertisements in
publications or by letter as part of a direct marketing
campaign. The items should also be light, to keep down
costs of postage or whatever means of delivery. And so we
find clothes, books, household items, and hobby items among
the old favourites of mail order.

Services too can be offered by mail, such as typesetting,
stationery design, curriculum vitae and will production,
freelance writing and copywriting, insurance, printing,
circular mailing, and so on. For the dealer the benefits
are numerous. It is surprisingly easy to make a good living
in mail order, while allowing the individual to work from
home, at his own pace, and selling whatever suits him best.

Mail order is also a very easy business, offering high
profits for sometimes little effort. It is also ironically,
one of the main businesses abandoned by newcomers in their
early days, simply as a result of disillusionment from
promises of vast fortunes not coming to fruition.
Everything becomes easier with experience, and even the big
names in mail order admit to making massive and usually
costly mistakes in their early days.

Selling can take place by several methods, depending on the
product itself, the price, cost of advertising in relation
to product price, and the amount of information that must
be conveyed to induce the individual to buy.

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