The Wrap Top Buying Guide

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The Wrap Top Buying Guide

Of the various apparel styles available for women, the wrap top is one of the most comfortable, loose fitting, and chic dresses. A wrap top or a wrap blouse, as it is sometimes called, is a top that the wearer ties up to fasten, instead of using buttons. This top accentuates a woman's curves as much as it successfully hides the bulges and therein lies the charm of this simple dress. The wrap top fits women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and even pregnant women, and is one outfit that is sure to find a place in every woman's wardrobe. Created using various types of fabrics, the wrap top has variations in styles, and these styles are another way of making the woman look good by cleverly concealing the flaws of her body shape. The very fact that the wrap top is suitable for women of all ages, indicates how this dress is designed to look sexy for some women and modest for others.

Wrap tops are easily available in clothing stores and in malls, but of course if the shopper wants to comfortably browse through every design and style available, reputed online stores like eBay is where to head.

How to Wear a Wrap Top

While several pattern variations of the wrap top exist to make wearing this top very convenient, the very basic style remains the same for all. The wearer slips into the sleeves and the long, loose front panels are then criss-crossed and wrapped around the waist, then tied into a knot either at the side or back. This versatile, stylish top can be combined with a fitted blouse underneath and may be worn with fitted or flared trousers and skirts as well. This apparel gives a woman the freedom to reveal as much cleavage or curves as she wants, and she also gets to be creative by draping the wrap top in various different ways; sometimes with the help of accessories like a bangle, brooch, or belt.

Wrap Top Styles

Wrap tops came into vogue during the mid 1970s when it was created by Diane Von Furstenberg. The style then went on to become a rage. Today there are hundreds of variations of this classic style. Wrap tops flatter any body shape, and the reason being is that the garment can adjust in any way a woman desires, until she achieves the best look. While wrap tops are made using various fabric types, it is the Jersey or knit wrap top that allows maximum experimentation using the ties of the garment to create patterns and lengths that give the perfect look for any body shape.

All styles of wrap top dresses available are based on two basic styles which are the true wrap top dress and the faux wrap top dress. While draping the true wrap top, the user has to wrap the long ties around the body in the chosen fashion and then finish with a knot to secure the dress. Faux wrap tops are simpler as they do have the basic wrap top pattern, but no wrapping and knotting of the ties, as these are replaced by belts, bands, or buttons may be sewn in.

True Wrap Top Pattern

The wrap top in its truest form is a big piece of thin, printed cloth much like the kimono, pareo, sarong, or the toga, and it is draped across the body in various ways and tied securely. This way the wrap creates one-shoulder and off-shoulder dresses besides the regular dress. The colourful cloth with floral or other exotic and bold prints is either full ankle length or sits just below the knee.

The cloth is held against the back of the body with both hands and wrapped across the front, and the two ties are twisted together at the bust and tied at the nape of the neck. Alternately, the cloth may be worn by passing the left end of the cloth under the right underarm and draping over the right shoulder, and then by tying up that end with the one held in the right hand. Twisting the ends a couple of times and tying knots in various different ways, these wraps create new styles. These styles are perfect for for a pool party, barbecue party, or even at the beach.

Jersey Wrap Top

This wrap top is made from soft thin Jersey or knit fabric with sleeves and long front panels which are also the ties that are wrapped around the waist and tied in a knot at the side or at the back. These knit wrap tops are perfect to wear with denims, trousers, and pencil skirts.

Faux Wrap Top

The faux wrap top criss-crosses to overlap at the bust like the true wrap top, but it has no ties. This is a convenient wrap top style for the wearer who does not want the hassle of tying up her tops. The wrap around at the waist is replaced by a band using the same fabric or may have a belt.

Kimono Wrap Dress

Kimonos are wrap tops created using bold prints similar to those seen on the Japanese kimonos. Besides the overlapping panels at the bust, a broad sash at the waist and loose sleeves are other features of the kimono wrap dresses and tops.

Halter Wrap Dress

The halter wrap dress style is adapted from the true wrap top where the ties go around the neck creating a halter neck. Here the ties are sewn to form the halter neck. The dress also has the wrap-around pattern.

When to Wear a Wrap Top

No other dress has such a wide range of uses as the wrap top, besides also having the quality of making every woman look good, irrespective of age, size, and body shape. The pareo or sarong wrap tops being a thin piece of cloth with colourful prints is worn as a cover up when at the beach or at a poolside party. Wearing the wrap top to a barbecue or an evening party is also an idea, as these airy and flowy wrap tops keep the wearer cool on hot summer days and nights. The wrap top has a deep neck with a camisole underneath and may be combined with a classy fitted jacket.

The buyer can wear a knit or Jersey wrap top with a suitable pair of pants or skirt for a date. This outfit may also be worn to the office or to a business meeting as well, and coupled with an attache case, it completes the professional look. A silk wrap dress enhances sex appeal with the smooth fabric accentuating the curves just so much, making this ideal as formal party wear. The ring wrap dress features ties which pass through the ring, and the symmetrical folds created by the ring or the buckle in this style of wrap top is ideal for office wear. This style in rich silks, satin, or chiffon fabrics qualifies as party wear as well.

How to Buy a Wrap Top on eBay

The ever popular wrap tops are easily available on eBay in numerous styles and patterns. A shopper looking to buy wrap tops as beach wear, party wear, or formal business events will find vast varieties in every category.

While looking for wrap tops on eBay, the shopper types out the relevant name of the wrap top in the shop by category bar and hits the search button. This returns the list all the available wrap top dresses available in that category. By modifying the data typed out in the search bar, the buyer can easily find more choices on eBay.

A new buyer will find useful buying guides that will help them get comfortable while transacting on eBay. Starting with browsing the website, looking for suitable products, learning about the seller, and keeping track of the buying activity right down to making payments safely and securely on eBay, all instructions are available at eBay's learning center.


For the woman who enjoys the sand and sea, the pareo or sarong wrap tops, which are draped in several styles as a comfortable cover up, would be the ideal buy on eBay. Wrap tops created using soft, flowy fabrics in a myriad of colourful prints are ideal for wearing to poolside parties and the beach. The silk, chiffon, or satin wrap top in the wardrobe offers the potential buyer options for dates, for evening parties, or lounging around the patio on a warm summer day. The kimono wrap dress or the halter neck wrap top are both elegant and stylish as party wear as well. Since the versatile wrap top dress makes women feel good about her body, the buyer can settle for a couple of formal wrap tops for office too. And the buyer will find that the Jersey knit top wrap top matches well with trousers or denims. eBay offers the potential buyer many options and fabrics for her wrap top purchase.

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