The art of illusion

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To me, miniature projects, dioramas, houses, shops etc are an opportunity to experiment with differing techniques and materials.

Why?  As I believe in the art of illusion.

What is the art of illusion when applied to dolls housing?

It is the ability to think 'out of the box' and use items to create unusual and interesting alternatives to the stock wholesale and retail items that abound. It means that my collection is like no other.

At first I was scared to alter items but why? Simply because I didn't know what the results would look like!

Over time I have discovered that ours is a very forgiving hobby. There is no such thing as a mistake -- ideas change! Once I discovered this, I was no longer afraid to experiment and use items that would never be found or seen in a traditional dolls house shop.

I source items from wherever I see them -- from Charity shops and house clearance sales to gift shops and pound shops, from household waste and even skips! And I never go anywhere without my tape measure.

My family despair of me as I pick up a twig or pebble, and a 'look' comes over my face and I say 'That'll make a good XXX'. They roll their eyes and wonder if I should be let out on my own!

The other great advantage of the art of illusion is that it cuts the costs of my hobby. Dolls housing is not cheap.

There is a place for the historically accurate replica and I can admire the work and thought that goes into such a project but this is not for me.

Give me an assortment of tools, glue,  wood, scatter material,  paint and bits and bobs and I will happily indulge myself.

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