The best possible way to get clean carpets

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I run my own successful carpet cleaning business - so I know what i'm talking about.

I'm going to give you the best possible advice on cleaning your carpets.

It starts with:

If you value your carpet - under no circumstance should you attempt cleaning the thing yourself.

Here is the reasons why:-

Hire machines, from wherever you get them, don't:

Extract the water properly, often the spray pressure is a higher ratio than the puny vacuum can deal with.

Also they are often supplied with soap/shampoo as opposed to proper detergent - no matter how you try an rinse it, its stuck in there so basically it attracts the dirt, even once its dry. So why waste your money on a clean that will last about 3 months max that probably cost you £20 when professionally it may cost £45-60 and last a year. I mean if you enjoy using that hire machine thats £80 a year and 4 episodes of saturday afternoon fun.

Okay so the primary reasons for rapid resoiling are:

Dirt left in the carpet after cleaning and cleaning that attracts more. In honesty this scenario usually occurs on one the afore-mentioned episodes.

A word about Vanish, 1001 and Magic Awesome Carpet Foam (Ok I made that last one up)

If i had a fiver for everytime i've done a quote where someone has used one of the above and its ruined there carpet - which is once a week at least - then well - thats my cash ISA topped up for the next year.

People please use your local professional carpet cleaning guy.

The lady up the road from me used vanish - not only did it not 'clean' the stain she had, it also turn her red carpet orange - yes basically oxidized the hell out of it. This is one of the things we mean when we say that the above can't be rinsed through. Ther're stuck there, and thats what they do while your a work. Honestly the amount of times i've seen this white patch around a small stain - which i might add has paled into insignificance compared to the shampoo spot.

Finally - How can you ensure you local guy is a 100% professional


He should be able to confirm in writing that in cleaning your carpet he will:

1- PreVacuum

2- Pre Treat Spots & Stains

3- Gently PreSpray and brush your carpet - an area at a time

4- Water Extract with Rinse

5- Fragrance/Anti-Bacterial (If necessary)

6- Extra Drying strokes - to get dryish  should be dry with in 4 hours.


Hope this helps all you out there wondering what to do.

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