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By Sachin Mehta

This review is for our younger readers starting the game so if you are an "older" reader don’t think I am mad and overrating this card!!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

LOB-001   (Limit 3)  


ATK 3000         DEF 2500

[ Dragon / Normal ]

"This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale."

Casual: 3
Tournament: 2
Visual: 3.75
Overall: 2.8

So you want to run an old-school themed deck, and you don't want to go for a Spellcaster? Which do you choose then? The Blue Eyes White Dragon or the Red Eyes Black Dragon for your theme? Let's look at their support...

Double Coston and Kaiser Seahorse are dead-equal in pretty much every way, and Lord of D and his Flute can work with both. Past that, The Blue Eyes deck has the better monster support in that it has Paladin of White Dragon, whom is a MUCH better option than Red Eyes Darkness Dragon or Red Eyes Metal Dragon. Paladin has a good effect, good attack, is an easy-access special summon, and can get you a quick BEWD to drop onto the field, whereas the two Red Eyes support monsters are borderline unplayable. Going WAY WAY back to around March or April, you can find my review of Kaibaman and see that I view it unfavourable to the Red Eyes Black Chick, but with Metamorphosis reduced to one copy, that matchup is a bit more neutral.

As far as Spell support goes...sorry. Inferno Fire Blast is a MUCH better card than Burst Stream of Destruction. You can effectively use multiple Infernos in one turn more readily than Burst Stream, and it puts you in a better position to win (Sure you can kill all monsters, but you can't attack, and what happens if your opponent just sets a Spirit Reaper next turn? You wasted your Spell).

Both Dragons are two-tributes, they represent one each of Dark and Light, the two most playable and supported Attributes, and the difference in attack is "only" 600 points between a respectable 3000 and a bad 2400 (bad for 2 tributes and no effect, anyway...).

To be fair, it comes down to preference. If you can abuse Inferno Fire Blast in 3's with a Magician of Faith to reuse it, Red Eyes is better. If you can speed summon out BEWD with Paladin and use another Paladin to eliminate set Cyber Jars and the like, Blue Eyes is better. Whichever you prefer. I think a BEWD deck gets its strength from the Paladin. It’s fast, provides more Light support in the Paladins and Manjus, and helps kill hidden monster threats. Blue Eyes can still be a powerhouse on the scene, but it gets often overlooked.


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