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Hi everyone!

A lot of girls I speak to will say that they pick which foundation to buy purely by the brand and price. Women automatically think that the more expensive it is then the longer it will last... well sorry girls, your wrong!
Whether you buy a bottle of rimmell for £7 or a bottle of MAC for £40, the secret to long lasting foundation is closer to home than you think!
The first thing you should always do is apply eye make up before applying any foundation to avoid having to wipe away excess (it just gets too messy!)
Once applied make sure your face is completely dry (I normally use my hair dryer for about 3 seconds).
Now apply your chosen foundation, no matter which brand or price!
Now the secret to long lasting make up?
You simply spray over your face once all make up is applied and then blow dry after.. its as simple as that! You will not have to keep re applying all night! For best results do not buy the cheaper hairsprays, as they wont be very good for your skin! I always use brands such as Tresemme and have no problem with my skin in the long run :)
Also girls, do not hold the hairspray close to face, always hold it at arms length.

And there you have it,  long lasting make up without the scary price tag! :) Hope this helps guys!


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