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Looking for a great gift? for a friend or yourself? addicted to music?
If you answer yes to the aboven an MP3 player is the tool for YOU!

As you may now be aware there's now a gadget on the high streets called mp3 players. If you are totally unaware of mp3 files or players or even computers in general then here are a few brief tips you may consider before buying an mp3 player.

1) Shape/style: it is vital you buy a player that suits you, if your a simple kind of person then don't go buying an expensive item that looks like something Batman would have on his utility belt!

2) The "size" or capacity of the player: This is the most important specification. This is how many music tracks you can store and save on the player. A good player can store about 300 songs/tracks at a good quality.
This is a chart showing the size of player and how many songs it can hold:

128mb = 40

256mb= 60

512mb= 120

1gb=  250

2gb= 500

3gb= 700


...and my third and final tip, the PRICE!

I would advise purchasing online, you can the same technology as in the shops and even better for a lower price. For example, lets say a 1gb mp3 player is for sale at £80 in the shops, it's likely you could get one from an online retailer or online "seller" for half the price!!

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