The correct way to package a typewriter for delivery

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Vintage, antique, or indeed modern, it's all the same with typewriters. If you want to avoid damage to the typewriter you're sending via parcel delivery it is essential that you follow these instructions at: thetypewriterman dot co dot uk forward slash shipment.
What it says is this: If you're sending a typewriter that is within a case you MUST pack the inside of the case to ensure the typewriter is secure and thus doesn't rattle around within its case during transit. Using paper or bubble wrap, also make sure the type nest is fully packed too.
Most of us logically pack the typewriter case well so that it won't move but forget to pack the typewriter within the case. After packing, to test whether the typewriter is fully secure within its case, pick the case up and shake it. Does the typewriter move? No? Good.
The same goes for the packaging you put around the typewriter case in its delivery box. Pack all around the typewriter case - including the bottom - and when the box is sealed, shake it to see if nothing moves.
There are far more detailed instructions on the given link which when combined should ensure your typewriter arrives in the condition it was before you sent it.
In summary, it is essential to pack the typewriter securely within its case before packing the case securely within it's outer packaging.
Hope this helps save a few more typewriters from becoming damaged in transit.

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