The crocks are ruining it for the rest of us.

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I am a new ebayer and i am absolutly shocked at how decent people are being scammed by other people who are using ebay to take peoples money, I have bought  a number of things from ebay and have been very pleased with the communication from other ebayers, i have also been pleased at the things i have bought.

Recentally i bought a mobile phone off of a lady who i thought to be geniune, i had trouble from the start, she would only accept personal cheque so i sent her a cheque and it cleared and i was still waiting for the phone to arrive, i emailed her 4 times with no reply and when the phone finally turned up a month later it was split and faulty.

I tried to email her to be told that she was no longer a ebay user so i had lost my £100.

I looked at her feedback and it seems that she had a good few months of swindling people out of their money and judging by the feedback she had set out to do just that.

How do people sleep at night knowing that they are taking peoples money dishonestly.

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