The dangers of Mediumship by Esoteric Lecturer

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The Dangers of Mediumship

by head lecturer of The Phoenix Spiritual Centre

You may think this is a strange thing for any Medium, let alone a lecturer and author of this subject to write about.  Trust me, it is not an odd thing for me to write a guide about, infact it is vitally important that individuals understand the right time, and wrong time to approach a Medium.

The most important time when NOT to visit a medium is when you have just recently lost someone to the spirit world. be aware and honest with yourself of the grief and pain you are feeling. Approaching a medium at this time can be a devastating experience, whether your love done is ready to step forward or not. the second is an obvious disappointment and needs little explanation. But the first many would deem as being a positive thing. It isn't...what this does is continues the grief process and in many cases hinders the natural process of your letting go of your loved one who has now left you physically. Also if you are unlucky you will sadly contact the type I call an emotional leech, they prey on the grieving and these types I cannot abide!

My advice, most certainly would be to have a good cry, shout, scream whatever, see a friend, and certainly think about joining a support group or visiting a grief counsellor. Only ,and most importantly when the time comes that you fancy a reading, and you have got used to that person not being near you, or physically accessible any longer, then approach a reputable medium. Word of mouth is far better than any advertising.. Research how Mediumship works before hand then you will understand far more the process. But always take on board that when your loved one does come through, there will be a point again that you will need to let them go!

We have basic info on the difference between mediums and psychic etc on our shop page, if you are going through the grief process please do not buy a reading form us, wait, be patient and then when the time is right, only approach us. This guide is not aimed at promoting Mediumship, nor is it urging you to visit a medium. If you are reading this guide then you have already thought about seeking a reader. All I ask is think carefully, make sure the time is right!!!

Kendra xxx

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