The e-Lottery Syndicates UK national Lottery System

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Is The e-Lottery Syndicates System A Scam?

After seeing listings on eBay for the e-lottery DVD, you might well be sceptical about the legitimacy of such a system, especially if you have received scam lottery emails in the past.

However, having been a member of e-Lottery myself since 2004, I can definitley assure you that it is NOT a scam - far from it in fact. The elotery syndicates system was established in 2002 by a British company called Virtual World Direct (VWD) and has been growing in popularity ever since, and now has members in 133 different countries.

As a member of the UK Lotteries Council, e-lottery professionally organises syndicates covering the UK National Lotto, the Euro Millions lottery and the Spanish lottery El Gordo.

The syndicates are arranged in a unique way so that you match certain numbers in EVERY draw that takes place, thus giving you the edge over people who play the lottery in the traditional way. And as the National lottery organisers (Camelot) openly admit, 25% of lottery jackpots are won by syndicates, so all in all, this means that you end up winning more often than you would by playing on your own.

But playing in an e-lottery syndicate isn't the only way of profiting from the lottery. VWD also allow you to become an agent for the company. Foe only £9.99 a year, they give you your own state-of-the-art (zero maintenance) e-Lottery website to which you direct potential players.

For every person that joins a syndicate from your website, you earn £1 a week incommission for every week that they continue to play - a great way to make some extra money online by sharing this home based business opportunity with your family and friends whilst boosting your lottery jackpiot winning chances into the bargain.

For a more in-depth review of e-Lottery, please go to my  About Me page.

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