The eBay Shoppers Guide to Laptop and Desktop Accessories for the Beginner

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The eBay Shopper's Guide to Laptop and Desktop Accessories for the Beginner

One of the most important tools that an eBay shopper has is a computer, whether it is a laptop or a desktop model. A shopper can use just about any computer in order to connect to the Internet, surf around on eBay, and take advantage of the many bargains that are listed daily by eBay sellers. Nothing flashy or exciting is necessary, to locate or purchased the thousands of items listed there. However, a wide assortment of accessories available for both desktop and laptop computers can benefit any user. These include peripherals such as wireless mice and keyboard, accessories that provide protection against theft and damage, ones that help the user personalise their computer, and accessories that help enhance the computer's performance.

eBay sellers know how to find bargains. They know that finding the best bargain starts by having a clear understanding of the item they are shopping for. When shopping for desktop and laptop accessories the following may help guide that selection.

Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Offer Protection

The purchase of a computer is a large investment, and it is important that the information that is stored on one is safe at all times. After spending such a large sum on this important item, most consumers are eager to ensure that they protect their purchase against both damage and theft. eBay sellers list many accessories designed to do just that.

Laptop and Desktop Accessories Designed to Protect Against Damage

Of course, it is very important to make sure that the computer is always in a safe location where it will not fall or be mistreated. Aside from mistreatment, two of the biggest things that can damage a computer are moisture and a buildup of dust. Cleaning a computer must be done with care because many liquids can damage the screen and other computer components, and just wiping surface dust away is often not enough to guard against a buildup inside the keyboard or computer shell.

Desktop and Laptop Cleaning Kits

eBay sellers list a wide assortment of cleaning kits specifically designed for computers. These typically include specially formulated cleaning wipes or sprays, as well as canned air and other useful dust fighting items for cleaning a computer safely. Having cleaning equipment on hand is always wise, but keeping the computer components moisture and dust free the majority of the time is always the best choice.

Cases to Keep Things Clean

Keeping a computer free from dust and moisture often means keeping the computer and other components in a case designed to protect it and keep it clean. eBay sellers list different sized cases for computers and other components. These include pouches specifically designed for external hard drives and other equipment. Computer cases are often made to fit a specific size of laptop, so it is important to pay attention to its dimensions when purchasing one. These can be simple pouches, or they can be very useful cases for commuting or travelling and can include separate compartments for all computer needs, including peripheral, chargers, and extra discs.

Desktop and Laptop Protective Covers

The computer keyboard can get messy quickly because of the natural oils and everyday dirt on people's hands. A keyboard protector is a plastic shield that fits directly over the keyboard and guards against liquid and dirt getting in the cracks between the keys. Keeping this area clean helps the keyboard remain functioning perfectly longer. All keyboards are slightly different, one from another, so be sure to look for a keyboard cover that is compatible with the specific laptop or keyboard it is intended for.

A screen protector protects the screen in a similar way. These adhere to the screen by either using moisture, static, or lightly sticky adhesive. The guard the screen against scratches and other damage, and can include other features such as mirrors, images, and privacy protection.

Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Offer Protection against Theft

Because of the large investment wrapped up in the purchase of the computer and its accessories, for many people one of the main concerns is protecting it against theft. Laptop owners in particular are concerned about theft, especially those who regularly use their computer in public, such as at libraries, coffee shops, and parks. Antitheft locks and devices secure a computer to the area it is in, so that it cannot simply be picked up and taken. A number of these are listed regularly by eBay sellers, as well as privacy filters, which are films that attach to the screen that make the screen only visible from directly in front, so passersby cannot easily see what is on your screen.

Laptop and Desktop Peripherals to Enhance Usability

Unlike a desktop, which often includes the computer and monitor but not the mouse and keyboard, a laptop is an entire computer setup, complete with a keyboard and usually some sort of trackpad or mouse. Many now even have a webcam that is built into the screen. The desktop computers may include a keyboard and possibly a mouse, but these are quite often purchased separately. Most computers include some sort of speakers, but these may not always be of high quality. All of these are items that may or may not be included in the initial purchase of the computer, whether it is a laptop or desktop. Regardless, they are also for sale individually, and many users preferred to choose specific ones you put their computer setup.

These are considered peripherals, or devices that work with the computer to help the user access it and utilise its capabilities easier. Many manufacturers work to create peripherals that really add to the experience of using the computer. These items often connect to the computer via a wired USB connection or through a wireless connection that uses Bluetooth a USB receiver. A receiver such as this is often referred to as a dongle, and manufactures now make these so small that it is easy to simply leave them in the computer at all times.

Computer peripherals include headsets, webcams, speakers, microphones, as well as the most common peripherals, which are keyboards, mice, and other pointing devices. These last ones allow the most access to the computer of all the peripherals. Computer users can spend many hours a day typing away and clicking on the mouse, and can often suffer from painful hands and wrists. Many manufacturers have tried to ease the pain by designing input devices that are ergonomic and less stressful to use, including ergonomic keyboards and trackballs.

Personalisation with Laptop and Desktop Accessories

Most people buy a new laptop or desktop to help them to be more efficient at their jobs; to help them get more work done. Considering the amount of time spent using one, it cannot all be about working efficiency. Computers are part of the personal workspaces for the person who uses one, and most people enjoy going to some effort to personalise such a space. eBay sellers list a number of items specifically designed to help computer users do just that. These include case modifications, as well as adding decals or stickers to put on the computer to change its appearance. Some of these even cover the entire laptop, giving it a whole new look. Some of these radical changes are not appropriate for some people in some work situations, but a fun new mouse mat can automatically add character and can fit in almost anywhere.

Laptop and Desktop Accessories that Increase Performance

A computer's performance is of the utmost importance for many users. The performance of the computer allows users to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and at a speed that keeps up with their lives. It is an important factor in allowing business people to communicate quickly with colleagues, laptop users to leave the indoor environment behind, and gamers to keep up and keep connected in their virtual world.

Many things can affect the performance of a computer, and most of those are built into the computer. However, there are accessories that can add to the performance of any computer. The following chart lists some of the available laptop accessories and how they can benefit a computer's performance.


Benefit and Uses

Laptop Add-On Cards

Can add features and performance to the laptop; a number of different types add-on cards are available, including modem cards, network cards, and port expansion cards

Laptop Batteries

Having an extra battery allows the user to be away from charging equipment longer; for many laptop, a number of batteries are available, many of which offer longer battery life

 Laptop Cooling Pads

A hot computer runs very slow and may even shut down; a cooling pad keeps it cool, which helps internal processors keep up with the things the user wants to do: play games, watch movies, or have many programmes running at once

Laptop Docking Stations

Intended to stay at the desk station; provides extra connections and power; can make a laptop perform like a desktop computer

Laptop Power Adapters/Chargers

A better performing charger or power adapter can allow the laptop to charge quicker and more efficiently

How the computer performs is an important factor in whether the user will be able to use it as desired. Many manufacturers understand that and have produced items specifically designed to increase a computer's performance. eBay sellers list a large assortment of each of these items.

Buying Desktop and Laptop Accessories on eBay

Many stores carry an assortment of various computer accessories that are designed to guard the computer against damage and theft, enhance the computer's usability, allow for personalisation, and increase the computer's performance. Office supply and electronic stores typically offer the broadest selection, but even these shops must limit what they sell to what they can display on the limited shelf space available. Online vendors, many of whom sell on eBay, are not limited in this way.

As many eBay shoppers know, sellers often list items that are hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere, including a wide assortment of desktop and laptop accessories. Bargains on these types of items can be rather hard to come by in brick and mortar stores, but not at eBay. The wide selection and great prices that are available there make shopping eBay first for these types of accessories a good choice for a wise consumer.


Owning a computer is quickly becoming a necessity in this fast-paced world. Keeping up in the world of ecommerce means owning a computer that performs at the speed of the online world. Many available laptop and desktop accessories are designed to enhance a computer's performance and increase the user's ability to use it with ease and comfort.

Because a computer purchase can represent a major investment, and because the information that may be stored on it can be very valuable, most computer users are just as concerned about protecting the computer from both damage and theft. Manufactures produce a variety of accessories to do just that, supplying computer users with tools to keep the computer clean and secure.

Accessories are not all about performance and protection, though. With the amount of time many users spend on their computers, most have a desire to make it their personal space by adding accessories that show their personal flair. These include skins and decals, as well as mouse mats and other similar accessories. eBay, of course, is the place to go to find bargains on all of these.

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