The fastest connection and the most simple way to view CCTV

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Jovision Cloud Technology
Jovision are the  cloudSEE technology experts in DIY and professional cctv solutions. Jovision develops and manufacture's state-of-the-art CCTV products including Stand alone DVR, DVR Kits, USB DVR, DVR card, IP Camera and analog Camera. Jovision has a strong team of experienced engineers and also provides customized security solutions according to a customers various requirements.

Jovision's partners and distributors cover more than 20 countries and regions. We have professional Customer Service team and Global Customer Service Hotline: 0086 400 630 7888 to provide instant technical guide and assistance  for customers. 

CloudSEE improves the communication problem in the complex network environment. It solves the dynamic IP and no public IP problem effectively in the environment of ADSL, PPPoE and LAN. Comparing DDNS, CloudSEE does not need to apply for dynamic domain name and you dont need to do any port mapping or run DNS client.

Remote view can be run based on a CloudSEE code, which is programmed at the host-end of the software. CloudSEE uses a new transmission system and a large number of servers. CloudSEE uses CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology in terms of servers, which is a leading technology used in many web portals. The servers of CloudSEE are located at the key nodes of network operators in order to get perfect bandwidth.

Also Jovision invented this form of video transmission and their international patent can be found by going to the IPO (intellectual property office) website and searching Jovision.

So if your looking for high quality at an affordable price choose Jovision UK.

Please visit  jovision-uk for technical information and the latest offers.
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