The healing power of rose quartz

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Crystal meaning

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. Use it to help bring more loving energy in to your life. It is often know as the heart or romance stone.

Rose quartz is one of the most common crystals on earth and is a form of silicon dioxide and is usually found in the cores of granite pegmatites.
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Say these affirmations while holding a piece of rose quartz

  • I feel love all around me. I am love, I love and I am loved.
  • I am immersed in love.
  • My love is limitless.
  • I am blessed with infinite love and gratitude.
  • New forms of love are always coming in to my life.
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Use rose quartz in your meditations

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit. Start by taking long deep breaths till you feel calm and relaxed.
  2. While holding your rose quartz in your hand imagine a white light coming down through your head leading all the way down to your feet.
  3. Then visualise in your mind your rose quartz that you are holding in your hands. 
  4. Imagine the aura of the crystal interacting with your aura of white light.
  5. Concentrate on your aura and the crystals aura blending, do this for as long as you feel comfortable for and then slowly bring yourself out of the meditation.
  6. Make a note of any feelings you felt. This builds your connection to your piece of rose quartz.
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How to cleanse your rose quartz

Cleanse your rose quartz by placing it in moonlight over night, the moonlight will cleanse and re-energise your crystal. Moonlight is better than sunlight as sunlight can be too harsh and fade the colour of your rose quartz. If you don’t want to keep your crystals outside overnight then you can use a windowsill that catches the moonlight. 

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You can get the best use from your crystals by placing it under your pillow at night, placing it on your desk at work or even just keeping it in your pocket.

Using crystals in your daily life can help to bring you peace and healing. Use crystals as a complimentary therapy and for any physical or mental problems consult your local doctor or practitioner. 
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