The importance when purchasing any item.

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Review Of My Buying Experiences


The main worries of any new member is that they will start buying without knowing the genuine facts of the source. When i also started i did not think that the item would not be as described or if would even reach me at all. After a couple of years experience, i had picked up all the main points to notice anything suspicious. These are the main point's to concentrate on with every purchase ;   

  1. What is there feedback status? Click on there user I.D or feedback score and scroll down to see there transaction history. If they have 50 or less then be more weary by checking each item they have bought or sold within the last few months. If there is any negative feedback then make sure you check out what the person was unhappy about. Also to the right hand side, in the top right box, it will show you when they have first started which is also an important detail to watch out for.
  2. Where is the item being sent from? Normally negative feedback is left because people do not state that there item has to be shipped from another country first. Postage times will take a lot more longer and the item may be foreign to what they expected. Checking feedback and getting in contact with the seller first is always a good idea, especially when it is something new and expensive. 
  3. How to make payment? Sometimes even I will make the mistake to forget to check the payment methods before purchasing. It happens when you may be buying something quickly before it goes or trying to win at the end of an auction. The main payment method is through Paypal which is the best way for payments. Check that the Paypal symbol next to the item listing has a tick, which means it is a verified account. It may not have a tick but should be fine. If you wanted to pay through another means that is not listed, contact the seller for an agreement. Never send cash as it's too risky and could end up with you out of pocket. If the item is way too cheap to be real, then it probably is'nt. I have been scammed before! 
  4. Why am i buying this item? E-bay is vast for any items so always double check you are getting the best deal for your money. Always search the item and scroll through any possible cheaper items. Remembering that things like a refund may suit you for this particular item.
  5. When will i recieve this item? Post times sometimes differ throughout the year. Check there postage instructions to see when they normally post there items. If you wanted the item sooner or through a more secure method, just contact the seller and come to an agreement. Check there feedback to see if any items got damaged through poor packing and re-evaluate the decision.

Thank you for reading and i hope this helps with your buying safety.

David (david_odin)

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