*The most underated handheld console ever!!! *THE NGPC*

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The neo geo pocket colour, possibly the most underated console of all time!!! Now you can pick up one for pennies! some games like: Dive alert, Turf masters, King of fighters R2, Metal slug, Cotton and The match of the millenium... Capcom vs SNK, are very costly and this is for a reason. These games are brilliant(ok the screen is not backlit), but when this glorious piece of hardware first came out in 1998 they had everyone beat hands down. Nintendo only managed to beat it when they brought out the advance years later!!! This console still has the best hands down fighting game available for a handheld system,(the before mentioned...Capcom vs SNK).

If you like fighting games on the move and you don't own this combo then maybe you should contemplate life's decisions...taking the bin out...feeding the cat and or dog....takin the new love interest to the cinema or maybe watching another rubbish reality tv show, and get on ebay and buy yourself one of these while you still can!!! You won't be disapointed I guarantee it!

By the way did I mention that two AA batteries lasts for 40 hours in one of these.....seriously.....BEAT THAT NINTENDO!!!

I know one thing....I'm not selling mine!!!  lol. Thanks  Johnny.

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