The negative of Fifa15 PS4

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I have recently done a review of FIFA 15 for the PlayStation 4, and it was mainly positive one. Now having played it for a number of months my review would be the opposite. If you would like a game that looks amazing but plays appallingly then by all means get the game. I can't tell you how frustrating the game is, I often point out to my friends, my frustration is not that I'm a bad loser that I get annoyed, because 95% of the time, I win the matches. I'm often left shouting at the TV even after winning 3 or 4-0.
I honestly don't know where to start, as I said before in my other review the game is stunning, lots of options, great player likeness, but there is so much wrong with it.
And a lot of what is wrong is the simple things, such as when you're attacking your players don't seem to want to move forward, when you're defending no one goes backwards, which is so annoying when you are counter-attacking 4 against 3, and you still can't score. 
The tactics don't work either, when you use the "all out attack" feature no one seems to go forward, when you have the ball. When you "park the bus" no one seems to defend!
The opposition are so much more skilful and stronger than your team regardless of who you are playing. You could be playing against Southend and it feels like you are playing Barcelona. The goalkeepers are far too good, they save nearly every shot. You can't do a slide tackle, no matter how precise you are with that angles and the timing of pressing the button, the computer just dribbles around you. Which leads me to another thing, for every 100 free kicks the computer gets you get one! 
Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere near expecting perfection, I would just want a football game that does the simple things well. And the game isn't all bad, if you want the positive side read my other "should I buy fifa 15" review.

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