The new eBay Beta? Why Change a classic website?

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Ok I just finished using the new ebay beta test. I have thankfully reverted back to the old ebay. Shame that 'progress' means that I cant keep with the classic ebay style after a few weeks from now.

Now I am not at all saying that i dont think the new ebay is not good, its pretty, stylish, more customisable and I am sure it will be more efficient. They are obviously changing the whole thing for a reason......

but thats not why i come to ebay!!!! I dont care about customisation! Also why has it gone all 'facebook-style' and is now REALLY thin..... the old one used to fill out the whole page, now the new one is about one word thick and 20 screens long.....

I am of the opinion that if something isnt broken then dont fix it. The ebay website is a classic example of uncluttered easy to use web interface and i see absolutely no reason to change it. I am very used to the set up, I would of course get used to the new one, but i cant see how anyone wasnt completely happy with the current system?

I guess being happy gets in the way of 'progress'

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