The nonsense about not sending perfume to Germany

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I have noticed lately that a lot of sellers in the UK and in Ireland mention that they don't send perfume or other beauty products especially to Germany. Some claim ebay regulations others claim German custom regulations. I didn't find anything about ebay regulations about not sending perfume to Germany. And why would ebay restrict it anyway?

Custom regulations on the other hand are easily researched by simply asking customs. Which I did. And German customs told me in writing that there are no such restrictions for sending a bottle of perfume from one country to another inside the EU. That's EU after all. And the UK and Ireland are part of it.

I've sent and received not only via ebay perfume and other stuff all over the EU (and sometimes beyond) but occasionally exchange perfumes with my best friend in Germany (I live in Ireland), i.e she sent me her Dior Poison, I sent her my Chanel No 5. In both and more cases we respectively received the packages after two days and no hassle with customs. And each didn't even sent it by registered post.

The only thing I had to do when sending a packet to Germany was to fill out at the post office a sticker about the contents for airmail which I did truthfully. That's just for airmail safety -  and perfume is no problem.

Every seller has, of course, the right to sell where-ever he or she wants. But please don't hide behind regulations which don't exist.

To send a bottle of perfume to Germany is completely legal! Whoever says otherwise is misinformed.
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