The only 100% way u can be sure your GHD's are genuine

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How can you be sure the ghd's you are buying on ebay are guenuine products?

100's of ghd stylers are sold on ebay every week. Most of these are not guenuine ghd products and are cheap imports from China.  As a guess I would say 80-90% advertised on ebay are fake stylers.

The sellers use pictures from guenuine products. So the  boxes and holograms look the same as the guenuine ghd's and you only know you are getting fakes when you come to regiser the product with ghd.

Some sellers have great feedback and the buyers have registerd their ghd's and everything seems okay. These are guenuine ghd,s but are not sourced from the UK distributor of ghd's. As long as you don't need to make a warranty calim these are fine. BUT, If the seller is not registerd with ghd or the stylers are sourced from abroad then this is when the trouble starts. If you are unlucky and you have to make a claim then ghd UK will not honour the warranty and you be be told so take up any warranty claim with whoever you bought them off. They may or may not offer a repair or replacement. But you will not get the 2 year comprehensive warranty from ghd.

The only way to see if the seller is registerd with ghd is to go to ghd,s website and there is a salon locater at the top of the page. A quick search for ghdhair will find this for you. Sorry I cannot put the full web address in here as ebay will not let me. Type in the postcode of the salon you are buying from and you will get a map with all the ghd registerd suppliers located close to the postcode you hae entered.  Click on each salon and you will see the name, addrress, phone number and postcode of the registed salon.  If the salon is not there then they are not regiserd to sell ghd products.

Try our salon. Hair Additions postcode is L13 3DB

Pink Stylers. 

Pink stylers are produced once a year for Breast Cancer awerness. These are released in October every year and are sold out within weeks. ghd have had no stock of pink stylers since November 2007.

So if you see any for sale anywhere online be VERY VERY CAUTIOUS. They are almost certanly fake stylers.

I hope this guide helps you with your purchase of ghd's

Please vote yes at the bottom of this page and it will help others from buying fake ghd's.

Happy and safe bidding.

Hair Additions  


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