The postage is part of the price

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Don't be fooled into thinking that the item you are buying is cheaper than it actually is.
Before you consider a purchase add the cost of postage to the purchase price, you might find that the cheaper item is in fact the more expensive one.
It can be very tempting for a seller to offer a low purchase price coupled with a high postage, for two reasons.
1. The low purchase price looks better than competitors prices on the search results page.
2. The seller does not pay Ebay final value fees on the postage cost.
Very often sellers using this method will not offer the collect in person option, or if they do, there may be a handling charge.
If you search for any item, and find widely differing prices for the same product, add the postage to the cost  before you compare the prices, you might well discover that the most expensive one is in fact the cheapest.
Since I wrote this guide Ebay has added the option to search for price including P&P lowest first.
Select this option from the drop down list at the top of the search results page to see the best price at a glance.



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