The problem with using stock photos for Console Games.

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The problem with using stock photos for Console Games.

The problem with stock photos for console games is that you don't know if you are getting a Platinum or Non Platinum version or an Essentials version of the game.
Fussy games collectors like myself will only buy the Non Platinum or Non Essential original versions of the game.
Also you don't always know if a game is UK Region 2 (PAL) or USA Region 1 (NTSC) or even another different region from a stock photo.
Again fussy game collectors will only buy UK Region 2 (PAL) games.
A stock photo does not show the condition of the game case either.
Normal photos of the game would show if the case was tatty then you would assume that the game disc is in a similar condition and you would avoid bidding or buying that game.
Stock photos don't show the condition so you would have to rely on the sellers description which unfortunately isn't always as accurate as it could be.
Low sellers ratings for 'item as described' and any neutral and negative feedback also help in deciding whether or not to bid or buy.
Do you know how to tell if a PS3 game is USA Region 1 or UK Region 2 from a sellers photo?
UK Region 2 games have the age rating displayed (ie 15 or 18 etc) in the bottom left hand corner of the front of game case.
There will also be a '2' in white on the back lower right hand side of the game case.
If the game is a USA Region 1 it won't display this and instead will have a letter (ie E or M etc).
There will also be a '1' in white on the spine of the game case.
In some cases the cover art (or inlay) for other regions is different.
I have seen eBay listings where a stock photo of a USA Region 1 game has been used but it states on the listing that the game is UK Region 2 which is very confusing!
If you are unsure then ask the seller before bidding or buying and any decent seller will get back to you with an answer within a few hours.
Please remember that some sellers do work and may not be able to answer your message until they finish work.
UK Region 2 games will only work with a UK Playstation Network (PSN) account so if you buy a different region game it will not work properly with your PSN account.
Any downloadable content (DLC) for any region other than a region 2 game will also not work with a UK Playstation Network (PSN) account so please be aware of this before rushing into buying a cheaper different region game.
Trophies will only be gained online for a region 2 game too.
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
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*** UPDATE ***
eBay have now stopped sellers from being able to use 'stock' photos for used console games, cd's, dvd's etc which is a step in the right direction.
Sellers can still use them for new items though.
Thanks eBay but I would still like to see 'stock' photos banned altogether!
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