The real tatty teddy's ME TO YOU

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Hi to all Tatty teddy lovers.

I have recently come across FAKE Tatty teddy Me to You zip rucksack on Ebay. Some sellers have been selling fake merchanise saying it's the real thing. I would like to help and warn!!! all tatty teddy lovers on how to suss out the Fake's take a good look at my pictures.

One on the left is fake, I bought this from an ebay seller who conned me and the one on the right is my own that is orginal ME TO YOU teddy see for the difference yourself.

Another tip to  tell apart from the fake from the original is to look for the following : ME TO YOU bench mark sewn onto the teddy. Me TO YOU stitched on the foot and if you come across the rucksack look out for the ME TO YOU written on the straps.


See the picture for yourself!!! look at the difference!


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