The secret of the 1p ebook- How to get great feedback

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The secret of the 1cent/ 1p ebook

At first glance the 1cent or 1p ebooks look amazing too good to be true!
For a buyer to buy a 1cent ebook they get great feedback for just 1cent or 1p. Now in every instance this is the perfect remedy for maintaing a 98% postive feedback if your a power seller and perfect for getting your first star! From a buyers point of view 1cent ebooks are the perfect bargain on ebay at the moment with out a doubt.

If you want an extra 100 positive feedbacks in the quickest time possible then no doubt spalshing out $1 or £1 on 1cent ebooks will do just that for you!

Youll get a fair few great reads.. and you may be able to sell the books on and make a few quid to.

Sounds great from a buyers perspective but lets turn it around and have alook from the sellers side of things.

To sell a 1cent/ 1p ebook (buy it now) first off ebay will only let you list the quantity at 1 so you can't have 1 listing selling a 1000 ebooks at a cent each. So if each listing is costing you 25 cents or 15p and you make 100 listings you will as a seller be paying $25 or £15 for 100 feedbacks!

Is this worth it?

Well of course it is but what if there was a way of doing it much cheaper...

In an ebay store you are able to create as many 1cent listings as you want and you will only get charged 3p per listing so for 100 feedbacks it will cost you the grand sum total of £3 bargain.

There is one problem which you may be thinking about . Ebay shops dont get much coverage so hows anyone going to find your 1cent/1p listings...... you want your listing in the search results so that you get maximum coverage...

If you list a normall buy it now item pay 15p or 25 cents, have a link saying click here for instant approval and link it to your ebay shop listings (as many of the 3p listings as you want), make it so that only pre approved bidders can buy. Dont let anyone buy it because as soon as they do it will end and no one else will see it.

This listing will show up in all search results related to the title you give it and aslong as you dont let anyone buy it people will be sent to your 1cent/ 1p listing sin your shop... voilla!!

If you do it this way and you make 100 shop listings at 3p each and 1 normally listing at 15p it will cost you £3.15 for 100 feedbacks now that you cant complain about!

Thats the secret people are paying for right now on ebay!!!! 

Be carefull because some buyers/sellers will frown apon feedback from a 1p listing! As they belive that the feedback is not hard earnt! All though in reality it is just as much deserved as any other transaction, because lets not forget the point of feedback is to show that a succesfull transaction has been made that you are happy with.

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