The solution for the tan of silver..

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As a lot of things, the prevention is better than the treatment and various activities can be undertaken in order to we avoid these problems.
And this falls in the weight of laboratories, while if the silver from the manufacture became metalization with  rhodium (with electrolyze) the COST would be prohibitory as purchase of raw material.Each author selects if the constructor do the metalization  the jewel or no.
Here it will be supposed we mark that Daniel silver jewelery selects metalization his jewels with  rhodium,while we want they are so much diachronic in the drawings what in their resistance.
The electrolyze metalization with with  rhodium decreases the blackening giving him one bright Grey silver color that suit with style of jewels and the following advices can maintain perfect your jewel for a lot of years.

ATTENTION:We make jewel with silver 950 Hallmarked and after we electrolyze with 24K rhodium plate for more resistance in the time...

PS:On sterling silver,platinum actually enhances the silver by giving it the shine of white gold and prevents tarnishing.It is an expensive process which is very hard to achieve with sterling silver.  Many companies do not plate the silver as they see it as expensive.

 (if you want check and my page to see with pictures how we make silver jewelry)

Daniel silver jewelery
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