The truth about transponder keys /remote control fobs

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With the introduction increased security,transponder chips are fitted in the ignition keys.Because of the complex nature of this operation it has been something that could only be done by the dealer .....until now.

Here at Goldline we have invested in the latest technology to enable us to carry out this operation ourselves and as such we are getting results on all sorts of problems that are built into the systems.

As we discover more and more info we realise what a complication it all is .the most important thing to realise is that identification is the first and most important item to get right,followed by having technical back up ,and software that is up dated daily.

the purpose of this guide is to stop you going down a one way street,so as things become clearer we will add to this guide,but remember we are dealing with security here so it not ever going to be what you think it is ,hope this bit helps you to be abit more discerning when bidding for items that very few people have any knowledge of...........BN

The latest update to this topic is with regard to VAG VEHICLES on most of the later cars the key fobs logic is locked to the original vehicle,so this will explain why second hand fobs can not be programmed into the car.Unfortunately when the programmer discovers this you have already spent a lot of money on the job.There is a machine that identifies the state of the chip but it is very expensive obviously,but this is what we use now to save time and money. There is no way you can know when buying any thing other than new........more later

One of the most important aspects that we are now discovering is the removal of the lost keys from the system. This is something we can do and this way you feel safer knowing that your car will still be there when you wake up.Insurance companies will not pay up if you don,t have all the keys......Next time how we can help with broken keys ....

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