The truth behind Smart Meters

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The smart meter radiation issue seems to be growing rather than going away, I must be honest and say that I didn’t think it would be that big an issue myself but as they roll out if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, it would seem to be very bad news indeed.

Basically your new electricity meter probably sends out fairly regular high bursts of cell phone radiation in order to tell the power, gas or water company how much of the respective commodity you’re using and this helps them regulate the way they provide their service to you in an optimum way from a cost and production point of view.

At the moment like the other microwave pollution emitters such as cell phone towers, and Wi-Fi routers the companies installing these new devices that emit this dangerous microwave pollution are in complete denial that there is a problem.

The problem can range from something as simple as your own electricity monitor installed either inside or on the exterior of your property where the smart meter radiation level will likely be low and this can be remedied with an easy application of Blocpaint to the wall or meter cupboard which will afford you the protection from this new type of cell phone radiation that you need.

However if for example you are like a couple I helped yesterday from Florida who had 24 wireless electricity meter hazards on the floor of the condo where the apartment they lived in was situated and smart meter emf from 320 radiation smart meters to contend with in the whole building, then that’s a whole different ball game and you need to investigate your house for all forms of microwave radiation and as always start by buying or renting our cell phone detection equipment a microwave radiation detector before you decide what type of cell phone radiation shielding you require.
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