The use for Screen Protectors?

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What is a Screen Protector?

In order to determine whether using Screen Protectors are actually necessary, we must determine what they are and how they can actually help. You’re probably thinking that it’s pretty self-explanatory right? However, it’s not so clear cut as it seems.

A Screen Protector is a clear film, usually made of clear plastic, in which is cut to the exact dimensions of the screen of your device. It must be noted that these have been made from tempered glass more recently, especially those in which are of higher quality. The whole idea of a screen protector is to sit in front of your valuable screen so that should you drop your phone (which we all do regularly!), the protector gets the scratch as opposed to your screen. Back to an earlier point, with this being mentioned we must also state that those made of tempered glass will be best suited for taking those bangs and bumps.

Are Screen Protectors Necessary? 

Most people know that the protectors will protect from unexpected bangs, but what they don’t know is that some can also compliment your screen clarity and eradicate all of the annoying installation fails. Higher quality Screen Protectors are made of a HD glass film in which is completely clear, meaning that your retina display will be undisturbed; whilst it being increasingly hard to notice the protector is even there! Some can even improve the picture quality to the eye, making the colours look clearer and crisper.

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The final verdict – Yes or No?

You see, ultimately it is your call whether or not to shell out an extra few pounds on a screen protector; although it is not recommended that you leave your screen vulnerable to cracks. Besides, a few pounds investment is much healthier to the wallet than having to replace a broken screen, or even phone! For this reason, bearing in mind that protectors (High Quality ones) will ‘enhance’ your screens’ clarity and display whilst protecting the screen – we would always advise you to be safe and purchase yourselves one. That being said, it has to be a higher quality one, particularly one made of tempered glass.

Silverback Top Tip:

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