The use of Web Page creators for eBay auctions!

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Take it from me, using Word, Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc to generate HTML for an ebay auction is not a good idea !

Why, because they create complete web pages, and an eBay auction is already a complete web page, you are just adding to it (in the description box).

For starters you will only need the HTML between the <body>; and </body>; tags, need to ensure you do not use relative positioning, style sheeets etc and ensure any image urls are absolute (referenced to a url not your C drive), also you may well find the complete HTML messes with eBays HTML causing you more problems than you can imagine if you have to edit the generated code.

Far better to use a dedicated auction template maker, some are even integrated into the eBay sell item process, or create the code yourself.

Remember, keep it simple, you are selling an item, not entering a competition for the best looking auction!

If you want to try a free WYSIWYG  (What You See Is What You Get) html editor that is fully integrated into the eBay sell item process, then visit my About Me  page.

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